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    So I finally finished bust of Eminem! Here's a little video with pictures from the working process and final effect, I hope you like it

    Also I really wish I could send this to Em as a gift but first Paul/Em need to notice this so if anyone wants to help and just share this video or whatever, I'd really appreciate it :) Stan


    It's also on Eminem's Tumblr:

  2. - A new Dr. Dre album
    - Controversy over an Eminem line
    - An actual amazing verse from Snoop Dogg

    What year is it again?
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  3. I've been spying on this forum/subforum for quite some time, I've also been an Eminem fan for a while and lately I've had something I wanted to just get off my chest, and I feel that what I have to say might have some sort of meaning, I don't know, I hope so. Here we go.

    I made an account here to write one topic, with one point which I find seriously important, and then I'll go back to "spying".

    I'm not sure everyone really realizes the gravity of the whole thing that I'm about to share, not just here, but in real life too, I spoke with a buddy about it, and he agreed, so I thought I'd share my thoughts here, as a friendly reminder or something? We're lucky to live in a fucking crazy era - big iconic figures in the Hip-Hop community have recently thrived or are thriving. Greats like Eminem/Dr. Dre and Jay Z have or are stirring up shit like ever before, but I hope the community remembers this:

    We're probably at a close soon. These rappers are literal legends, Eminem in particular already left us, but came back in raging flames starting from Relapse until now - this material is shit that only by chance we received. The guy could have passed away alone in some toilet and we'd be left hanging, and none of this shit that we hear from this person today would ever reach the surface.

    At some stage, probably in the near future, Eminem will actually have retired completely, Dre too, 50, and Jay Z too - but they're striking while the iron is hot as lava right now, I'm actually amazed that we're getting tracks from Eminem like Speedom, Kings Never Die, Calm Down, Medicine Man, Best Friend etc., and I truly hope that at least everyone here realizes that what we are listening to right now might be the last few sparks that this living, breathing, freaking legend is going to put out - after an astonishing carreer.

    So please just appreciate the activity, I feel like an asshat trying to preach and force something down the throat of you guys, and I'm sorry for that, but please - We are living in an era where we've had the chance to see legends rise, and we'll probably see them retire and fall as well, and despite all this their music will live on.

    I'm rambling, I don't even know if I worded myself well enough here. So I'll just summarize here and say; while we might see activity from Eminem for fucking years to come, don't take any of his latest shit for granted - I feel too many people do exactly this and it's too bad, we're in such a unique position, to witness these veterans still kicking ass, still breathing fire, and it feels so God damn good to know that, and when I think that this might be some of their last projects, ever, it makes me sad, but also more appreciative of what I'm hearing. And I'm not saying don't critize or dislike his recent shit, feel free, just keep in mind that this era might be the last, you are lucky to be in it.

    Thank you for reading, I hope I didn't ramble too much and got the point I wanted out!

    Have a good one, Shelter-people! :wave:
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  5. here's em's part in the documentary. decided to make a new thread so the official thread isn't cluttered with em and silly stan stuff.
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    It's a great pleasure to announce this weeks featured artist!


    Make sure to check out his most recent single "Keep Calm" featuring Royce da 5'9 and Kid Vishis

    Be sure to check out his collab project with Swifty Mcvay called "My Brothers Keeper" when it drops later this year.





  7. But the song's called No Favors, Trex. NO FAVORS.
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