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    So I finally finished bust of Eminem! Here's a little video with pictures from the working process and final effect, I hope you like it

    Also I really wish I could send this to Em as a gift but first Paul/Em need to notice this so if anyone wants to help and just share this video or whatever, I'd really appreciate it :) Stan


    It's also on Eminem's Tumblr:

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  2. - A new Dr. Dre album
    - Controversy over an Eminem line
    - An actual amazing verse from Snoop Dogg

    What year is it again?
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  4. But the song's called No Favors, Trex. NO FAVORS.
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    It's been 2 years since we've started the Hiphopshelter and this journey.

    First off, I want to thank everybody that has been involved with making this site/community as big and welcoming as it is today, both staff and member wise. You all know who you are and without you this wouldn't be working right now. Though, I want to say thank you to President Rolly , ozzy9891 and Iron Man for helping me with day to day operations.

    There have been a lot of ups and downs but the last few months have been showing a steady incline in pretty much everything starting with activity, to posts and so on. I truly believe that the next few years will be vital to our community and I believe that we will have a positive outcome long term.

    This time I want to keep it short. I just want to say, members of the shelter, there are gonna be a lot of changes in the next months and the near future in general. I'm thrilled and just waiting to show you what we are working on for all of you.

    We are gonna be here for a long long time and I wouldn't want to share my time on here with anyone else but this community!

    Much love,