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  1. Presenting Em's seventh classic...

    The Marshall Mathers LP 3:

    1. Mid-life Crisis/Bleached
    2. Fuck D12 (Feat. dEnAuN)
    3. Easy Money (Feat. Rihanna)
    4. Everyone Is Dope (Prod. Alex da Kid)
    5. Still Hate All Women (Feat. Skylar Grey)
    6. Punchlines (Acapella)
    7. Survival 2 (Prod. DJ Khalil)
    8. More Money (Feat. Rihanna)
    9. In Other Words, I Put The ILL IN TRILL!!!!!
    10. Beat Drop (Interlude)
    11. Explanation Of Punchline (Interlude) (8:49)
    12. Survival 2: The Sequel (Feat. Liz Rodriguez, Skylar Grey & Liz Rodriguez again) (Prod. DJ Khalil, Co-prod. Alex da Kid)
    13. Even Stronger Than I Was (Feat. Missy Elliot)
    14. Seizures (How I Dance On Stage) (Feat. dEnAuN)
    15. Never Gave A Fuck (Except When Someone Insults Me Or My Family)
    16. Ain’t Never Been Yes Men (Feat. Royce Da 5'9", Paul Rosenberg & dEnAuN)
    17. I Look Like A Burn Victim
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  2. His boys were texting him the verse the entire time, Eminem's an old fuck that didn't think of that.
  3. I disagree with everything you'v said. Terrible thread.
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  4. We got more out of this than anything by Shady Records in the last 3 years, someone make Crooked Em's manager.
  5. Imagine listening to Eminem's music for the hooks
  6. Joe would devour Bizarre in a rap beef

    Bizarre would devour Joe irl
  7. She referenced stay wide awake. Ann Coulter is a lowkey stan
  8. I like the rest of the album too. But I can't fucking get past this track all the time because I keep repeating it.

    It's beyond top tier Eminem. It matches & is better than some MMLP 1.

    The writing, the vibe, the flow, the switch-ups, the humour... the 'jam a white crest strip' and colourblind segments... he's a fucking comedian. Like better than many actual comedians.

    Fuck this track is so good. One of his best ever styles.

    So before I start I wanna say I love you all, and I dont really know how to say it other than in a diss so.. Dont take anything personally unless you feel like you should, then you should.

    Verse 1

    Life is like a box of chocolates, Box is like a box of shit
    Rappers here can make a thousand songs and never make a hit
    I'm the king of the Shelter streets,
    victory is tasting sweet
    Unlike Airederu, because I really hate the smell of defeat
    Maxson is a jackoff who jacksoff online offbeat
    Ragnar is a Swedish whore, on dicks he takes a seat
    silver is a deadbeat who beats his meat to feet
    Oh wait that's Airederu again something something cheat
    Shelter gold's a retirement home, more like Shelter old,
    Only old people in there who die if they catch a cold
    SliK is a dick, banned that bitch faster than you can count to two
    Beating a dead horse? Fuck horsebot, DS, Changeling and Apex too

    Chorus (think "Kim")
    Fuck yall, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yall
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yall
    Living in this world without you

    Verse 2

    If I was president, banning Jaba is the first order of business
    What a fucking clown, shut the shit down, can I get a witness?
    Stab a SlickNick on camera and it is okay
    Never finding Kali because Kali's fucking gay
    Spider-Man's a goat fucker, you're as dumb as they come
    black lives matter, except for ShadyDaDon
    Onga bonga bonga inga binga binga bater
    Tech N9ne sucks, gotta rip that bandaid off now, thank me later
    GoodBoy aint a good boy hes a bad boy shoutouts to Mike Lowrey
    Joey Badass is a retard and Chazi is as bad as Joey
    Copper is the worst element, you're just a trashy silver
    rockbottom is a retard and Rugrat will never be a winner


    Fuck yall, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yall
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yall
    Living in this world above you

    Verse 3

    Kag is a fag and OhMyRapGod is a brat tard
    Derdy needs Eva or hentai to make his dick hard
    Oh shit lmao ayy something just hit me
    Brandon off partying with cudi and Britney
    ZDucks, Zombino, Zeezus, you're growing up so fast
    You've already grown to be a giant pain in my ass
    And fuck viJilance you discolored butthole flap
    I'll stuff 50 Yeezus CDs up your ass then try to take a crap
    Elizion 2016 made me puke I'll teach you how to rap
    Kill Catfish_Luke with a nuke, eat dinner and take a nap
    Dropping bombs like Trump, Allahu Akbar it's a trap
    Thats all she wrote it's over in others words that's a wrap

    Verse 4

    No its not, that's a lie, hahaha fuck you
    Gotta diss em all shoutouts to Pikachu
    Cherry Pie a year ago "Kanye fucking sucks"
    Cherry Pie this year though "I bought Kanye socks!!"
    Sooper_Dooshy, Thelys, LincolnPawg and Briggs
    Your life would be complete if Kendrick had 4 dicks
    Existence is pain, Josh and Deac are prime examples
    KWO is a mighty hoe anyone hungry for apples?
    Blogs plays the cello do I need to say anything else?
    DoCtaGriLLz jump off 5 hills and just kill yourself
    Mel is into Beatles now, fuck forums and Eminem
    Eminem has new song coming? FUCKING YES I LOVE HIM
    I hope MillerScar get fucked with a crowbar and a steel guitar
    Xplicit trash, Bleached Anus trash Pug please change your avatar
    CP's into CP and Pain is an emo fuck
    Fuck Tobin Frost I hope you get run over by a truck
    Rafael's a cancer cell and Spaced_Out's a needle dick
    Eagle is birdfucker, Tony is a hick
    SajN is into Harry Potter, L for days right there
    ProdigalSon more like horrible one, fuck your hair
    To those I am forgetting fuck you too I hate your guts
    I'm outta here, gotta go eat some cashew nuts
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    It's a celebration bitches

    Rolly Make me a damn mod already

    ☆ShadyDaDon☆ So i'm sayin waddup waddup. we major bro.

    Elkei waddup Idk what to say

    SliK Triz mdemaz Aus fam I'm not gonna forget this time.

    python where ya ass at

    Eva where ya ass at

    Rafael I fucking knew it was you

    Blogs McGooch I see you liking my posts in the other thread as I write this

    Changeling maybe one day you'll come back but i doubt it. still dope though.

    Him Shadow You're an Em community legend.

    Airederu you're funny as fuck dude

    Deac you're dope bruh

    Kag you're dope too

    CanadaPure always got the good shit

    Atone The Underdog glad you never left.

    Maxson dope stuff with the banners/artwork/beats etc.

    Spider-Man hopsin is ass sorry

    viJilance come back brother

    Vijilantee1234 glad there's some seth sentry fans on here.

    Derdy2Dope ya need to be active again but the 100 posts per hour active

    Mel glad you haven't left for a rock blog

    Josh waddup never interacted with you really

    Josh27 legend

    Iron Man best avenger

    Los we need the tde section back

    Loser glad you weren't perma banned lol I thought you were

    Eaglenz crazy active bruh

    Nick Game is still better than 50 but im glad your ass still alive

    Cherry Pie Spaced_Out just silver Tobin Frost Miller MillerScar Bleached Anus FreedomSensei Marshall Mathers 03 MontrealSTAN Jamoesk JamesHargy RapGOD Trimss JAGODA TRex AnAngryBlonde SajN Knox Pain SWA csw621 Pug Elision Luk4 ShadyNarcotic Shady-Yo Xplicit TheWatcher Guess_Who much love I don't know what to say

    whew that took so long, sorry if i forgot some.
  11. Fuck it, shout out for no reason, i love you all, spread love, happiness and joy, fuck hate Bulldog Gold.jpg

    Mel i fuckin love you mother fucker

    Cherry Pie FUCK you're awesome as shit

    python FUCKING HELL i love you a fuck ton...and do you know how much a fuck ton even is? a fucking lot ok

    ShadyDaDon fuck bruh, you mu homie

    Maxson cunt

    just silver Stop doing drugs bruh they fuckin ya shit up, hope your life gets better

    Eva Sup mutha fucka

    mdemaz you're the Lil Wayne of australia bro, all them damn siezures

    Blogs McGooch fuckin love you man

    EminemBase fuckin right i love you man

    EminemShadyFan EminemInsider EminemPRO Shady-Yo ShadyNarcotic shadyfan345 ShadyDrugs
    ShadySkullz shadyjam ShadyIsTwisted

    Airederu sup fam a lam, fuckin love ya bruh

    TonyWhiskey much love to ya brufucka

    Astrid fuckin spreadin love to ya bruh


    Triz fucking hell i love you bruh buh

    Slim_Shady Slim Cypher SlimShady97 Slim Harsh slimshadyinthecut Slimtacular D12.Shady Concept
    DoCtaGriLLz DareDevil

    Rolly Fuckin A+ mod bruh, love ya

    BrandonB fuck wal-mart

    Rafael fuck da haterz, yellerwolf da god

    SliK sup cunt

    Translucent fuckin love ya for life

    Spaced_Out mother fucker you da shit

    Aone10 fuck it, you don't like me but i fuckin love you

    Miller where da fuck you been bruh?

    Bleached Anus fuckin love ya mate

    viJilance MillerScar Based Mac Grantanamo Bay graizoro GrayEvelyn MrGeorge Nova GoodBoy

    SajN fuckin love you cuz

    Notalius what the fuck bruh? how you gonna just be gone like at?

    Los sup mutha fucka, much love

    Elizion much fuckin love bruh

    Balaaa even know ya name is weird, i fuckin love you

    Trimss muthin fuckin love to ya

    CanadaPure fuck canada, but i love you

    Pug sup lil homie, fuckin love ya

    Chazi you my fuckin homie for real mutha fucka

    sanek NotSoSlimFranky NotEminem EmRules DaVip Josh Crookedeye mm22 Drax Mathers

    Xplicit sup mate, fuckin love ya

    Iron Man mutha fuckin Iron Man, love ya bro

    BammThePrince you a new motha fucka, love ya, welcome

    Richie Everett stick around muh fucka, love ya

    Jaba you fuckin cunt, love ya kid'

    6PRDMD9 What the fuck is up with your weird name? love ya tho

    ZDucks much fuckin love homie

    Nick sup homie? fuckin love ya

    Erica Beam SWA Mia Josh27 lello Raul shakermaker Hage baybay52 Pika

    Bliggy Smalls fuck yah, love ya bruh

    KaZer fuckin right i love you

    EvenOdd fuck it, i even love you

    mana who the fuck are you? fuck it, i love you to

    Him Shadow fuckin love you

    Rugrat you my fuckin homie dawg

    OutlawƎ ProdigalSon Kimmi Excita Shpongle Knox matrix Kez B.A.D. Nick419
    Fave zetanuevemil SuperSlim superdasqeddywm R.A.W. runSA Fleka

    Pain even tho u fuckin ban muh fuckas, i still love you

    xXPussySlayer420691337Xx fuckin love your name

    Raul sup bruh

    DGAF Where da fuck you been bruh?

    HowHigh fuckin love ya

    SG. Da fuck is up?

    kag73 Changeling One Eight Seven Briggs ozzy9891 5thElement AfterMathew Aftermath> AJS2050
    Alcibiades Alex alexgalantuomo AlexThunder AllAreas AllMathers
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  12. Em mixing "Phenomenal"[​IMG]
  13. Em and Paul took this ad out in the Hollywood Reporter. I love it.

  14. My 2 cents about the "pop" features. This isn't 2001 anymore. There isn't a clear line between the different genres anymore. Bieber is collaborating with Quavo is collaborating with Frank Ocean is collaborating with Beyonce is collaborating with Em is collaborating with Alicia Keys is collaborating with Jay-Z is collaborating with Mr. Hudson is collaborating with Kanye is collaborating with Fergie is collaborating with Mozart etc.

    My point is, we're not still 7th graders when pop stars were uncool lames. Music is a melting pot now, boys. Drink it in.

    On the other hand, if you don't like the pop features because you think Em simply has a shaky track record with his past pop collaborating, then that's perfectly valid. But all these folks hating on pop features for the sole reason that they are pop artists (acting like Em ain't been a pop star for almost 20 years), I think need to expand their horizons a little.
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  15. Slumerican gonna make a list of all the members in the slumfam and put it in the OP. Like this post or quote it to be on it fam
  16. Fuck yall being so negative before it even comes out, get the fuck out if you're gonna be a dick and try and spoil it for those of us that are excited

    Damn the saltiness of the site creeping in on me :/
  17. Stan, Love the way you lie and walk on water