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    Trex requested to be removed from the Staff Team. We thank him for his great contribution to the forum the last few years and wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours!

    Cherry Pie will be assigned as new mod after being one of the most active and liked members on the forum since the forums opening.

    New changes will be announced soon as well! :leo:
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    Hi Fam!

    Haven't posted in a while due to my business and so on. I just dont have the time anymore at least for the next couple of months.

    Things are looking this now. Untitled will get controll of the site for the next few months and be the temporary owner until I have the time to dedicate myself to this site again!

    I'm really sad that I gotta step aside for some time but it would be selfish of me to not give somebody else the powers while I'm not able to be active.

    Everything will be sorted this week I hope.

    Thanks and love
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    Here they are, the three new Gold Members. A lot of discussion of who was most deserving, but it ended up with these three in the end.

    Eaglenz for his never ending contributions over the last 6 months. Most posts in 6 months ever, I'm sure. :emagree:

    Balaa for his countless threads and other contributions all around the forum. No other member tries to spark that much activity, big props. :emyou:

    Zeezus for his contributions to basically every section. Constantly in the top 3 most posting members. :smart:

    We really appreciate your contributions to the forum. As I said, it was very close, and the members who missed out this time will most definitely have a big chance of being the next batch in the not too distant future.

    Cheers fam :itslit:
  5. The gift comes on April 1st... suspicious :notsureif:
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    Hello Shelter!

    After fixing the google ads on the default theme I've realized that it's butt ugly. Quite some time I've been using the shelter gold themes which have gotten great resonance from our Gold members and after being reminded how the default looked I've decided to just release the gold styles.

    They are similar in the way they are structured but the staff team (mainly Iron Man back then) have worked on it to be cleaner and look more modern. The fonts are bigger and we've chosen better ones, the colors are structured differently and posts as well.

    Consider this a little bridge between our old style and something completely new that is yet to come.

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    As you may have noticed, we've made a few changes to HHS today and deem them to be note-worthy enough to make a separate thread detailing them for you all.

    - Backstage is back (along with the last to post wins thread)
    - I'm an admin now I guess
    - BROCKHAMPTON section is gone and has been merged with the Music section
    - Betting Corner is gone, all bets are off!

    Feel free to discuss these changes here and let us know what you think!
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    Over the last few months, we've seen an influx of Political Discussion taking course throughout the forum. Many users have come to us complaining that such discussions are bogging down threads and are taking away from the overall enjoyment of some of our most popular sections. It is for this reason that from this moment forward, Political discussion will be confined to Serious Debates.

    Thank you,


  9. Changes To Moderation: Introducing Section Moderators.

    Back again with another announcement thread for you guys. As we continue the process of improving these will become more common the further we advance. Big things are coming very soon, we promise. More on that soon. Today we're proud to announce changes to the moderating system and moderating staff that will help us deal with these coming changes.

    We previously operated using a system of Global Moderators and Administrators. The workload was a free for all where any staff member could moderate in any section and any thread on the forum. While this had its advantages it can become rather confusing and chaotic. Ultimately this system would become more of a restriction and problem in the future that would prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

    Thus, we're introducing Section Moderators to help distribute the workflow and establish a more balanced, focused and efficient moderating system. The key difference with sectional moderating is the fact that the Moderators are assigned a section and only have powers within that area, this is opposed to having powers across the entire forum.

    With this change we expect the following improvements:

    -Increased action tackling trolling/spamming.
    -More efficient handling of reports.
    -Cleaner more appealing look with threads in the correct sections.
    -More focus on encouraging posting through maintained sections.
    -More threads and featured threads.
    -Less double posting.
    -More care and time into decisions.

    This will be the line-up:

    Music - Eaglenz & Hot Dad
    Kendrick - viJilance.
    Kanye - Hot Dad
    Yelawolf - Rafael
    Eminem - Spider-Man & Miller
    Creative - SlickNick

    Rest of the Community Sections - Miller

    We also want to announce that Los is not part of the staff anymore due to personal reasons. We still keep in touch a lot and the door will always be open for him. He didnt leave or anything just decided that being a poster is more fun for him (lmao doe)

    Thus we have decided to promote both Cherry Pie and Josh27 to Administrators since both Rolly and I are really busy lately with personal life that the two of them will greatly contribute if we dont have the time.

    Hot Dad , AnAngryBlonde and Miller will be promoted to Global Mods as well.

    Krafty will also be working on the featured artist of the week series with me from now on since his activity on social media is unmatched.


    -The Staff

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    Hello Shelter!

    I'm thrilled to announce a new weekly series we will be doing from now on starting with tomorrow! We are going to feature one artist on the uprise every single week. That basically means that every week we will promote the work of a new up and coming artist here on our forum, IG, Facebook and Twitter. We will post his music, info on future projects and an interview so you can get to know him or her better.

    We are doing this to help people out and at the same time maybe get new exciting users that can contribute to our discussion board as well.

    There might be artists that you don't like musically so constructive criticism is allowed but obvious trolling and insulting of the artist will not be tolerated and we will issue warnings or even bans depending on the post.

    Stay tuned for tomorrows announcement on the first artist!

    Much love,
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  11. Shoutout to KWO for tallying the votes!


    Member of the year - Eaglenz

    Mod of the year - Twenty Seven

    Most underrated Member - Astral8

    Humorist of the year - Triz

    Avatar of the year - Box

    Thread of the year - Anonymous HHS Confessions V3 by KWO

    The best poster of the year - Eaglenz

    Most likely to be banned next - Generic Alt

    Most likely to start an argument - Ragnar Lothbrok

    Most likely to disappear off the face of the forum without warning - Eaglenz

    Most likely to become the next staff member - KWO (lol)

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  12. by Los & Maxson and I did the uploading lmao

    Check out our newest video on our account!

    Please like, share and subscribe if you havent already!

    Thanks fam,
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    - Notalius

    - Josh27
    - AnAngryBlonde
    - Untitled
    - Eaglenz

    Global Moderators
    - Tempest
    - Rafael
    - KWO
  14. Hi Fam!

    I know, I know.

    You haven't heard much from me the last few months. Or more like the last year. Well, that was because I was basically more engaged in my life outside of HHS, which in my opinion, is not a reason to attack or scrutinize anybody. But the last year HHS hasn't really been a priority of mine. Not because I don't like it anymore or the people here, it's actually the contrary since I have shared and hopefully will continue to share great memories with all of you guys. It's just, that we you set your priorities straight, you realize what's really important in life and what's lesser important. The last few months I've successfully ventured in a new business field that has given me a lot of success in my "career". I've met a lot of great people, built friendships, partnerships and really started to understand the importance of time. That's why I had to make the decision to cool down on "hobbies" of mine and focus on things that get me forward in life and help me get closer to my goals. I truly believe I've changed a lot but I had to invest a lot of time into that change thus I've started to neglect things like HHS and not focus on it much anymore.

    Now, I believe that's not a bad thing. What my mistake was or still is, is the fact that I did not communicate enough with the people that I kind of "passed" business on. The transition that I should have prepared before my hiatus or absence or whatever you want to call it, was non existent or just without a thought put together. I should have contacted guys like Sajn, Los, Triz, Eaglenz and others more during the beginning of my departure but life got in between and like I said, I had to set my priorities straight. I had to focus on something else in my life but that should have not taken a toll on the site, the staff or the members itself

    - But it did, and for that I deeply apologize.

    I hope you guys can accept my apology since I know I messed up a lot of things given the fact that back in early 2017 when I was still very active, the site was at it's peak with most posts, threads and views to date. I should have never neglected the site the way I did, several times might I add, this time though, in the worst possible manner.

    Now, with all that said, does that mean I'm fully back? Yes and no!

    I've learned over the last few months to not promise things anymore that I can't back. And I've done that a lot. I can't promise that I won't be less active in a year from now. But I can promise you this - I will never "ignore" the forum, the staff and the members like I used to the last few months. I couldn't live with myself to again do that.

    I needed time to regroup and to most importantly find stability in every area of my life so I can dedicate time again to something I loved, love and will forever love. This community. I've seen people come, I've seen people go. I've made great friendships and lost a lot of friends. But see, that's life. And this forum is a part of my life, always was, always will be. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    So, what does my "return" mean for HHS now? Well, like I said, I won't promise any dates anymore, any changes and such. I don't want to bite myself in the ass again if I promise something by a date and don't deliver. But this is what I can tell you.

    We will have a complete overhaul of the site. That doesn't mean the "look" of the forum again. (I know, usually when I say change it's mostly the look so it looks nice that some of you forget the flaws lmao). No, I want to do a complete overhaul and rebrand. We already are having something that we are planning but it's still in the early ages and thus there is no timetable set. I'm gonna fully dedicate myself to that in the next few months so that we will finally have a site that we can all be 100% proud of.

    Until that, I will work close with the staff and all of you to ensure that the content gets way better than it is now. I want people to have the feeling again that they enjoy coming to this website. We will work on it and we are going to succeed.

    Until then,

    Best Regards

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    Section 2.2 of our official forum rules states the following:

    If a secondary account is created with the intent of a user getting around a temporary ban that is in place the user will be permanently banned.

    This rule has been in place since the beginning, but in the past we have been quite relaxed in enforcing it. Recently we've had trouble with a few members using alternative accounts to not only work around their ban, but to continue the harassment and abuse of members who the ban was put in place to protect. From this post onwards, the use of alt accounts to circumvent a ban will result in a permanent ban.

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  16. Congrats to Zeezus for winning our first ever HHS Giveaway. Your reward is a 50$ gift card on Amazon!

    Pls hit me up with your Amazon account so I can send it to you.

    Thanks all the other participants. Registered

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  17. having a breakdown atm but whew lets go boy
  18. You know it's good times when the member of the year and respective poster of the year is also the one most likely to skip town
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    Hellow fellow sheltarians!

    We are going to have our first ever giveaway for all of you.

    We are giving away an amazon gift card worth 50$ that the winner will receive april 1st. The only thing you need to do is have your amazon account set up if you win.


    - In this giveaway the leading 5 members with the most posts throughout march will automatically be entered into a pool and one of these will randomly be selected as our winner.

    - That also means that just because you have the most posts at the end of the month that doesn't mean that you automatically win.

    - Staff will not be considered as we will be keeping a close eye on the content you guys are posting to ensure nobody's spamming. Anybody that is spamming to get more posts will not only be removed from the competition but will also either receive warnings or even a ban.

    - The posts in the Backstage section won't count! That means we will substract the posts from backstage and the final number will decide if you are in the top 5.

    So with that being said, good luck folks!
  20. Please remember that the moderators are unable to read every post on these forums. Use the report button to report obvious infractions of these rules to the moderation team. If you believe something is against the rules, but are unsure, you are welcome to private message a staff member with a link to the suspected infraction and express your concern. If you have a question or concern regarding the rules outlined in this thread, feel free to private message a moderator or administrator.

    By registering on this forum, you agree to follow the basic rules outlined below.

    1. Personal Conduct

    1.1 The following will not be tolerated: personal attacks, retaliation, posting with the intent to provoke other members (trolling), harassment (1 point).
    1.2 Posting users personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or info without permission is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
    1.3 Personal attacks on a user based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. may result in a minimum of 2 points to a maximum of a permanent ban on a case by case basis (2 points).
    1.4 Thread derailing and spam will generally just be removed by a staff member. However, in the event that one user is repeatedly derailing or spamming threads, a formal warning may be assessed. Same goes for bumping old threads in main sections that would cloud them with irrelevant news (1 point).
    1.5 Posting fake/misleading links may result in post deletion or a warning point per moderator discretion (1 point).
    1.6 Posting pornographic (18+) content outside of the designated section is not to be allowed (1 point).
    1.7 Issues with moderator decisions must be discussed with a moderator/administrator via private message. It is perfectly acceptable to private message a staff member about with an action was taken; however, repeat abuse of the moderation team on the public forum may result in a point per moderator discretion (1 point).
    1.8 Excessive use of the report button to report non-infractions may result in official warning (1 point).
    1.9 Use of the registered tag by a non-staff member will result in an automatic ban.
    2.0 The unnecessary mention of permabanned members will result in a warning, and if needed in warning points. This is not relevant to forum discussion.

    2. Multiple Accounts

    2.1 Creation of a secondary account will result in two warning points added to the main account, and the permanent banning of the secondary account (2 points).
    2.2 If a secondary account is created with the intent of a user getting around a temporary ban that is in place the user will be permanently banned.
    2.3 Permanently banned users are not allowed to create secondary accounts, and they will be removed immediately.
    2.4 Continuing to create secondary accounts after being warned previously may result in a permanent ban per moderator discretion.

    3. Advertising

    3.1 Creation of an account purely to advertise ones own website or product will result in a warning. If the problem persists, the user will be permanently banned.
    3.2 The advertising of other forums or discussion boards may result in a permanent ban per moderator discretion.
    3.3 Advertising user created content (such as remixes) without clear distinction that it is a fan-made remix in the main discussion sections will result in a warning point. (1 point)

    4. Disturbing Content

    4.1 Posting of content which is considered disturbing to members (such as gore, underage pornography, bestiality, etc.) is not allowed and will result in immediate post deletion plus a minimum of two warning points to a maximum of a permanent ban depending on the post itself (2 points)
    4.2 Disturbing content violations will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine the severity of the infraction.

    5. Section Specific Rules

    5.1 Please note that some sections on this forum have specific rules outside of the ones posted here. These can be found stickied at the top of the section, and it is advised to read those additional rules as they must be followed while posting in that specific area of the forum.
    5.2 These general rules also apply to sections with section specific rules.
    5.3 Political discussion is confined to Serious Debates

    6. Excessive rule violations subjects a user to be banned. The current warning point thresholds for automatic bans are:

    3 Points - One Week Ban
    5 Points - Two Week Ban
    7 Points - One Month Ban
    9 Points - Permanent Ban

    Please also note that these rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. The date of update will be provided in the title of this thread, and it is the users' responsibility to familiarize themselves with any alterations to the forum rules.
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