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  1. Welcome to the one and only Hip-Hop Shelter. The current population is : 134
    We here at the shelter love to talk about an array of various different topics. Some of them are:
    upload_2015-7-6_21-54-53.jpeg Hip-Hop obviously (hence the name) upload_2015-7-6_21-56-44.jpeg Eminem specifically, nothing else.

    upload_2015-7-6_21-55-17.jpeg Which came first? The yolk or the shell? :khaled:
    [​IMG] Can this motherfucker really save 50% or more on car insurance?

    So welcome! Aching for the finest music you can get your ears on? Enjoy the top-notch quality of any album at the simple request of our Audiophile, DetroitSkills. :neat:

    Have a sudden thirst for comedy? No worry, that's why we have members such as Changeling and Apex8250 to provide us with GOAT threads that make us think, "Has my life been a lie this whole time?" :dean:

    Do you consider yourself a lyricist? You can join writers on this site such as SlickNick and viJilance to showcase your talent. :bizzy:

    Want to know more about Yelawolf? We always have Slumerican fam members such as Yelawolf. Tech N9ne? Elision is the guy for you. Rittz? Why not ask sticcy z .
    I am running out of things to say, so here's a man cutting a hole open in a watermelon.

    We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Hip-Hop Shelter.
    And if you're ever looking for a way out...
    [​IMG] Good luck.
    This is ShadyDaDon reporting out.

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  2. You take cringe to new levels faster than I can advance in a Super Mario game.
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  3. Hey guys, big Eminem fan here and a loooooooooongtime lurker--all the way back from around 2010 on TRShady and then on here when it closed down. Finally got the nerve to make an account.

    Love Em's classic 3 and I also have an unreasonable fixation with Relapse, like a lot of people here. I'm also an trash uni student that's putting of studying for my midterm yikes I'm a mess.
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  4. Howdy, new member from Indiana. Just really wanted to become more into hip-hop and rap, especially Yelawolf, and stumbled onto this site. I fuckin love Yelawolf, Rittz, Killer Mike, and Eminem. But I still fuck with tons of other rappers. Just thought I should post here before going into other shit.
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  5. We got Royce to retweet our twitter and he now knows we have a podcast lol.
    I guess it works out.
  6. Now that you mention it...

    it is a very negative picture when you look at it that way.
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  7. We have become a global organization. We have reached the masses in thy gracious forum land, a holy server has blessed us with unlimited data and a internet nuptial.
  8. Shit went down, people got banned, the site got attacked, we had a civil war backstage numerous times, people hate each other, you know same old.
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  9. Hi homie, I'd love to stay and make your acquaintance but I have this gut feeling you won't be here long enough to have one. Only a handful of posts and they've ALL been negative? If you're going to be negative, at least be constructive about it instead of the 'fuck this fuck that' shit. And why all the swearing? Obvious daddy issues. So it's nice to meet you. But not fucking really.

    Also, SlumericanFam. Bye!
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