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  1. "Facts is how Kanye sounds without 15 ghostwriters ":jordanlaff:
  2. So Kanye rapped about gold diggers than became one
  3. No it isn't, that's how the album was intended so that's how it should stay. It's the artists own fault if his/her album sucked ass.
  4. And that folks is why you should NOT marry a Kardashian.
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  5. Kanye doesn't blow, I look forward to his projects more than Jay's now. But he won't surpass Jay in top rappers list, and neither is Jay number one lol
  7. Tbh nothing is gayer than feeling your masculinity is threatened because of listening a certain type of music
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  8. Complaining about a lyric from 2005 seems odd : / Esp. When she's collabed with him several times since then lol
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  9. He has slowly been losing his mind for years.
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  10. Everyone is a hypocrite.

    Em fans blindly defend relapse accents and Em's obsession with drugs and killing but hate Wayne for the way his voice sounds or rapping about drugs and killing
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