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    Here's a new years eve selfie lel
    Just so you have an idea of what I look like :D
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  3. upload_2017-4-24_16-35-54.png

    Randomly found him walking the streets yesterday before his show, nigga skipped his opener and so did we :booker

    Tupac shirt returns
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  4. Baby needs a diaper change. :devil:
  5. I know I'll regret this lol
    @Raul told me to upload this one
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  6. i want you to be my mommy :triz:
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  7. How does this work? Do you have to order them a few days before? Make a reservation? Do you guys plan it out weeks in advance?
  8. Oh dear :facepalm:
    Edit: Well, I asked for it, didn't I? Kek
  9. [​IMG]

    Got a haircut and trimmed the beard. I'm happy with how it looks but I can never replicate what my hairdresser does and tomorrow it'll look different again. haha
  10. Triz
    Bliggy Smalls
    (And anyone else who I'm forgetting that might be curious as to what I look like)

    The wait is finally over.

  11. oh right I forgot to include Atone in the equation

    wow what the fuck is wrong with you
  12. I felt this thread was needed as depression and other common mental health problems such as anxiety effect a large amount of young people. Talking about these issues has been shown to help people cope and in some rare cases prevent them from committing suicide.

    This is a place where people are encouraged to talk about any of these issues in a safe and friendly environment. Talking here will almost certainly help even if you may doubt it. Many people here have faced similar issues and came through them, they have advice and help you should hear. Members here might not be able to fix all of your problems but they will be here to make you feel better.

    Please use this thread to open up and talk. If you don't feel confident enough to do it on your current account you can set up an alt just to comment in this thread.
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    so I had a chance to design a poster for a Polish movie (it'll be distributed in Polish and some Europe theaters in 2017) and they loved it, now it'll be presented at Berlinale with teaser of the movie so I'm really happy

    The movie is called "Zadra Rapera" and the english title is "No Way Out" (that actually means somethin else)
    this was the first poster I ever made but I think it came out pretty good, btw the wing is not just there to look cool, it alludes to one of the most important scenes in the movie. Let me know what you think

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  14. viJilance, lmao
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