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  1. Due to popular demand, I’ve brought back an updated version of the Unreleased series. Featuring some of Yelawolf’s rarest tracks in the highest audio quality available on the internet, for anyone looking to get into Yelawolf, or any hardcore fan looking all the definitive loosies and hidden gems, the Unreleased series is the ultimate collection.


    1. Radio Smash
    2. Land of Oz
    3. Superman
    4. I Need a Dollar
    5. Dirt Road
    6. Rhyme Rooms
    7. Deer Mama
    8. Lemonade/I Wanna Rock/B.M.F.
    9. Ain’t Going Out Like That
    10. I Wish (Remix) [feat. CyHi tha Pryce & Pill)
    11. Shit I’ve Seen (feat. Trae tha Truth)
    12. Swagger Killer
    13. Looking for Alien Love
    14. Kill My Nightmare
    15. Make Some Noise (Put ‘Em Up)
    16. No Hands
    17. Gangsta of Love
    18. Hard White (Up In the Club) [Remix] {feat. Lil Jon, T.I. & Slaughterhouse}
    19. Far From a Bitch (feat. Rittz, Struggle & Big HUD)
    20. I Do/Rack City/Can It Be?
    21. Thank You


    1. Honey Brown
    2. Hammertime (feat. Rittz)
    3. Louder (feat. InkMonstarr)
    4. Legacy (feat. Fefe Dobson & DJ Klever)
    5. American You (Extended Version)
    6. Down
    7. Thank You, Fuck You (For Not Believing)
    8. Out of Control (feat. Travis Barker)
    9. Twisted (feat. Skylar Grey & Eminem)
    10. The Dark Knights (feat. Big Henry)
    11. Primus
    12. Money
    13. Alabama Songa
    14. Voodoo Child
    15. Led Zeppelin
    16. Have a Great Flight (Demo)
    17. Devil In My Veins (Acoustic)
    18. Till It’s Gone (Acoustic)
    19. Interlude (CXVPHER)
    20. To Whom It May Concern

    Like this post for the links. Slumerican
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  3. Slumerican gonna make a list of all the members in the slumfam and put it in the OP. Like this post or quote it to be on it fam
  4. 5th studio album :damn:

  5. Via @sheiladiane2704 @blackfeathersshshe AKa #mamawolf....

    Allow me to set the record straight...
    My Son is not battling severe depression
    Trial by Fire is finished and turned in
    His next single and video is on it's way soon
    Then the Album will drop and he will tour....
    He is taking a much needed sabbatical away from all social media.... we are preparing to open the store and that in itself. Takes up a lot of our time..
    Pls do not repeat things if you aren't sure they are true...
    That's called gossiping and it's just plain wrong and hurtful
    Everybody else just be patient
    Mama promises it will be worth it....
    Thank You
    God Bless



    It is really fucking Yela season again FUCKIN GETTIN IT
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  6. I have no idea if I’ve done this right but link (maybe) is comin up in a second
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  8. Or is it 4 hours...... just been let off early
  9. Slumerican

    Keep your calendars open, when it leaks we will have the best listening session we ever had. When it leaks, I will tag Slumerican again and let you all know when the session is. It will be the same day, within hours of the leak. So be ready!
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    tell me if ive fucked it haha im shit with this type of thing like i said
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  11. Right trying to do it now lads
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    CDQ is out
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    Miller Edit:
    Here it is. "To Whom It May Concern". One of his best if I do say so myself.

    Wouldn't exactly call it a freestyle ... but it'll definitely be free ... a new one coming very soon .... In the lab with @bonesowens @peterkeys ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #slumerican

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    This is the craziest shit ever.

    So Crooked's twitter said "Hit me on my tour phone...I'll be answering from time to time...hit me (910) 539 2326"

    He was retweeting people that were saying "I just talked to crooked". "KXNG CROOKED ANSWERED MY CALL HOLY SHIT", so just to see what would happen I called it.

    He picked up, "Yo, what up?" At first I thought it might be some automated shit so after sounding like an idiot saying "Is this for real?" I got right to my burning question. I said, "I have a weird question about Psychopath Killer. First of all, it's a sick song and everyone kills it"(yeah, I said it. Fuck you guys). He was like, "Thanks bro, I appreciate it. What's your question?" I said, "Okay, so I was having this debate about one of the voices on the song. Right after Royce's intro 'you could consider it poetry' that Yelawolf that comes in and says 'I'm a psychopath I'm a killer', or does he just come in later for the other part?" He said, "The Imma psychopath imma killa (in his aggressive rap voice lol)? Nah that's not Yelawolf, that's somebody else. That bit was already on the song when we were recording." I said, "Yeah, that's what I thought because of the way you already had it incorporated into the last line of your verse". He said, "Yeah man. I'm glad you like the song though." I thanked him and was about to babble on about how amazing it was to have that answered, but he said "Aight man, I gotta go though. Peace."

    There you have it. From Crooked himself. It is not Yelawolf. @TonyWhiskey @Rafael @Notalius , @Him Shadow @Blogs McGooch @Based Mac @psychokid @Triz @Trimss @Menzo @Changeling @runSA @cheeseburgular @Shadyx @anyfuckingbodywhoinsisteditwasyelaorparticipatedinthatdiscussion

    I've never loved Crooked I more than I do now. @Him Shadow , you bet your damn account on this. I will forget about it if you just gracefully accept the L.
  15. OH SHIT, the GM of Slumerican says the TBF release date is being announced "in a few days" (very likely Friday considering how music releases work now):

    Slumerican Friday the 13th or not it's coming very, VERY soon :fya: Shoutout to Keith the teeth for the find
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  16. So fam, I talked to Struggle today over some shit, and he told me some shit

    1. Yelawolf is now doing fine now after the whole MWA thing
    2. Yela is working out some things, but we will DEFINITELY be hearing Trial By Fire in the summer
    3. Theres a song called "Struggle Speaks" featuring Struggle of course.

    Slumerican Yela season approaching yet again :slumjesus::yelabrate::yelabrate:
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