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  2. Slumerican gonna make a list of all the members in the slumfam and put it in the OP. Like this post or quote it to be on it fam
  3. Via @sheiladiane2704 @blackfeathersshshe AKa #mamawolf....

    Allow me to set the record straight...
    My Son is not battling severe depression
    Trial by Fire is finished and turned in
    His next single and video is on it's way soon
    Then the Album will drop and he will tour....
    He is taking a much needed sabbatical away from all social media.... we are preparing to open the store and that in itself. Takes up a lot of our time..
    Pls do not repeat things if you aren't sure they are true...
    That's called gossiping and it's just plain wrong and hurtful
    Everybody else just be patient
    Mama promises it will be worth it....
    Thank You
    God Bless



    It is really fucking Yela season again FUCKIN GETTIN IT
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  4. I have no idea if I’ve done this right but link (maybe) is comin up in a second
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  6. Or is it 4 hours...... just been let off early
  7. So according to Yela the music for TM3 is done and they’re just fine tuning and perfecting the mixing and shit.

    They’re planning on shooting more videos and added a new song to the album last week.

    Said that he’s dropping a freestyle every week until TM3 comes out (which surely means it won’t be too long).

    He also said the label are actually waiting on him for once and not the other way round which makes me think we’ll get TM3 pretty quickly once it’s 100% completed.

    Nice update.
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  8. Cuzzo didn’t drop it yesterday because of the name :RSpaul: Slumerican
  9. Slumerican

    Keep your calendars open, when it leaks we will have the best listening session we ever had. When it leaks, I will tag Slumerican again and let you all know when the session is. It will be the same day, within hours of the leak. So be ready!
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    Recording finished. Currently being mixed.

    Release date

    DJ Paul

    Confirmed features
    Machine Gun Kelly
    DJ Paul

    Confirmed songs
    Trunk Muzik Intro
    Catfish Billy 2
    Rowdy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
    Trailer Park Hollywood
    Box Chevy 6 (feat. DJ Paul & Rittz)

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  11. edited sorry dom

    tell me if ive fucked it haha im shit with this type of thing like i said
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  12. Right trying to do it now lads
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