Best Posts in Thread: Eminem Small Talk Thread

  1. Was just re-listening to MMLP2 earlier. Great stuff.
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  2. Guy, you need to calm down and let people just listen to what they want to listen to and take a step back.
  3. His 1st verse on Renegade has a perfect yet also high quality combination of lyricism combined with rhyming and flow. All of those components: lyricism, rhyming and flow mesh so seamlessly it seems effortless when in actuality it's beyond difficult for even a decent rapper.
  4. From Reddit.

    "I'm almost at the bridge now"
    double meaning:
    The bridge in the song also
  5. And you think I care?
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  6. Shady
    Dont kill me, people. Thought a lot of people would want to see these full videos.

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  7. Ed Sheeran is releasing an album of collabs on July 12, our boy could still be on it

  8. They were literally screaming for the song to get played.. what a clown lmao.
  9. Em is 10 years sober today
  10. Nah there's more to it than that, yeah he's flexing his lyrical prowess but he's also chronicling moments of his career, commenting on people's perceptions of him as an artist, touching on the state of rap music, etc., the fact that he's able to do all that while still making it a technical powerhouse is partly why I love it so much (and MMLP2 as a whole in fact).
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  11. :thefuck::thefuck::thefuck:
  12. ”don’t you wanna help dada build a sand castle?” - ’97 Bonnie & Clyde

    ”trying to build these castles out of sand baby girl, for you to sit on the throne, i got plans baby girl” - Castle

    that connection tho :what:
  13. That's why I love Em that much because you never know how he will sound like, that's awesome! For example, look at Joyner, he always sounds the same and it's starting to be boring.

    I hope he will never stop experimenting! :goat:
  14. I can't believe how much of a gold mine 2018 was. Re-listening to the verses on Chloraseptic - Remix, Caterpillar, Majesty as well as The Ringer, Greatest, Lucky You, Not Alike, and Fall angers me at how criminally underrated those songs are and how overrated Killshot is. Even if its not what you like, how the fuck can anyone critique Kamikaze and completely gloss over the fact 95% of any other rappers' best verse isn't even half as dexterous or ambitious as Em's verses in Kamikaze. Even if you're not down with the message, how can people turn their nose up at the mere spectacle of him pushing rap to the limits with the multi-flowing and ridiculous rhyme structures? Smh
  15. What's wrong with the Macklemore and Smack a whore part?
  16. Come to think about it... i think Arose was made as a ''10 Year Anniversary'' of his overdose.
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