Best Posts in Thread: Could TBF be delayed because Em is planning on dropping soon?

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    I think a large part of this stems from the major mistrust between Shady Records and their fans.
    They always promise something and don't deliver if it's not Eminem.

    Even though I doubt it, maybe Shady really wants to try something different this time around. I personally wouldn't mind have a tight and concise album cycle for TBF, it might enhance the experience and be a lot more satisfying than:

    Box Chevy V in January 2014, music video in April

    scrapped single in July

    Till It's Gone in September 2014, music video in October

    Whiskey In A Bottle in February 2015, music video in March

    American You in March 2015, music video in early April

    And finally album in late April.

    Lmao fuck that shit.