Listening Party Best Posts in Thread: RTJ3 Listening Session - Saturday 14th 22:00 CET

  1. Due to the success of our first ever listening session here on HHS with Kid Cudi's album "Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'" which you can see here. We have decided to host another in just under a weeks time on Saturday the 14th at 22:00 CET. The album we will be listening to is Run the Jewels 3 available for a free download here. This album was chosen due to how recently it was released, how many of you guys are interested in checking it out, and because of how accessible it is. If our last listening party is anything to go by you won't want to miss this!

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  2. ayy Joshy boy I'm sure you'll love it

    highkey expecting a song by song break down of every track and how they pertain to a consistent, genius quality in response to the high regard everyone's holding the project up to
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  3. I actually don't work at this time. I'll be here for sure.
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  4. IN

    Been holding off on listening to this in case this was chosen for the listening session, so I'm hyped to hear it given how much everyone's been talking about it. This'll be my first Run The Jewels project too :ironman3:
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  5. Well the point is to drive traffic HERE so ideally all the posts will be in this thread and not another site.
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  6. sounds interesting, count me in!