Writing Best Posts in Thread: The Endless Two Line Battle Cypher

  1. Weak as usual, no depth to your rhymes
    I think I'll have to ether you another thousand times
  2. Spider-Man Imma shoot you out the web
    Causing your death with your blood spouted red
  3. VictorViktor you gotta change that V to an L
    Just like viJilance you're surrounded by a disgusting smell
  4. I challenge the rhyme king to a rap battle, decipher
    this sack whacko, whatever happens my rhyme brings a slap shackled with a viper.
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  6. Fuck Eaglenz he has no balls to write a response
    You're dust like what everyone liked during the renaissance
  7. Talking about people's moms ain't no real diss
    That shit's outdated like my bro GriLLz's sig
  8. I'm the Rhyme King, Imma spit bars like I'm Big Pun
    Rap is my thing, y'all gotta quit guys, I'm a slick one
  9. I will thrust you, I don't trust you;
    Imma bust you, you're a dust poo
  10. lyracle miracle spiritual here we go see me hoe
    dilly do dally bro billy joe n sally yo

    i'll kill you slow and leave you within an inch of your life,
    pinch you twice if you don't answer...i'll mince your wife