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  1. The gift comes on April 1st... suspicious :notsureif:
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  2. Congrats to Zeezus for winning our first ever HHS Giveaway. Your reward is a 50$ gift card on Amazon!

    Pls hit me up with your Amazon account so I can send it to you.

    Thanks all the other participants. Registered

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    Hellow fellow sheltarians!

    We are going to have our first ever giveaway for all of you.

    We are giving away an amazon gift card worth 50$ that the winner will receive april 1st. The only thing you need to do is have your amazon account set up if you win.


    - In this giveaway the leading 5 members with the most posts throughout march will automatically be entered into a pool and one of these will randomly be selected as our winner.

    - That also means that just because you have the most posts at the end of the month that doesn't mean that you automatically win.

    - Staff will not be considered as we will be keeping a close eye on the content you guys are posting to ensure nobody's spamming. Anybody that is spamming to get more posts will not only be removed from the competition but will also either receive warnings or even a ban.

    - The posts in the Backstage section won't count! That means we will substract the posts from backstage and the final number will decide if you are in the top 5.

    So with that being said, good luck folks!
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    Standings after 2 weeks

    Eaglenz - 768
    Zeezus - 626
    Spider-Man - 484
    Maxson - 475
    Slicknick - 430
    Vijilance - 270
    Kag - 263
    OhMyRapGod - 250
    Box - 225
    Deac - 221
    Iron Man - 206
    Chazi - 198
  5. Ayyy Zeezy boi, congrats man! And you're gonna spend it on Weeknd vinyls that you're gonna send to your favourite member Josh27 , what a guy :blessed:

    Edit: Even better, you're gonna straight up give Josh27 the card :blessed:
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    The month of March is over and here are the 5 members with the most posts!

    Eaglenz - 1260
    Zeezus - 1153
    BIGFOOT - 897
    Spider-Man - 882
    Maxson - 804

    Please guys make sure that you have an amazon account in case you win later in the day.

    We will use a program that randomly picks the winner.

    Thank you for your activity fam.
  7. Only on HHS can somebody win a $50 Amazon gift card and it still turns into a shit show.
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  8. Get Box to rate their meaningfulness
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  9. Reminds me of when the Admins on TRshady said that they were going to submit a Q&A to Eminem and had us ask questions, then announced it was a gag on April Fools Day. :bale:
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    These are the current top 15 members with the most posts after the first week!

    Eaglenz - 492
    Zeezus - 347
    Rolly - 337
    Cherry Pie - 298
    Maxson - 290
    Spider-Man/Balaa - 259
    SlickNick - 252
    viJilance - 185
    Los - 167
    OhMyRapGod - 163
    Kag - 155
    Box - 142
    Deac - 123
    Chazy - 108
    AnAngryBlonde - 93

    Since the staff team doesnt count the 5 eligible for the giveaway as of right now are


    So shelter, if you want to win the 50$ Gift Card you better post more :leo:
  11. You really think I would do this if I wasnt gonna deliver?
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  12. This is great, I think this will...

    trash giveaway
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  13. Gonna make a cringe section just for you and ban you in every other section
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  14. Imagine not including mods :martin2:

    Good job guys, I'd sell my left nut for 50 bucks.
  15. All of these complaints as you send everyone notifications about how annoyed you are when you get notifications from a forum that you registered on in order to get notifications. :kermit:
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  16. Exactly, it would damage your credibility.
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  17. Good luck to the lads involved in the random selection later xx
  18. Naw naw it's clearly favoritism. #bigbadmodteam