Best Posts in Thread: Yelawolf is a better rapper than Eminem now

  1. He's not, his next album will be Illmatic level
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  2. Lol the Eminem bashing is real af on this forum currently

    I wonder if he browses this place... if so, i wonder what goes thru his head... maybe this is why he hasn't dropped an album yet... what if we make him retire with our bashing :thinking:
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  3. But now I’m feeling imprisoned from the stereotypes
    I was prepared for the fight
    Hell, I’ll be stereotyped until my burial site
    I married a loaded gun when I married this mic

  4. And I dont even care about him

    But I listened to this and I doubt Eminem can rap as smoothly as this anymore
    Compare this to Eminem's latest input and it's not even close

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  5. Godamn, hold on , moment of silence
    Nine innocent church going people get murdered
    there's not a word I can utter, there's not a rhyme I can say
    There ain't fixing that ever, those people brutally slain
    And I refuse to see ways to justify all the blame
    That motherfucker's insane