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  1. ''i'm beginning to feel like a...
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  2. upload_2018-1-25_8-36-42.png

    We've all wanted to do that Em...
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  3. you can't scroll down without liking this post!
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  4. One of the best Em's pics in a while!

    It's just beautiful! :wub:
  5. Emikin
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  6. Alternate Cover :)

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  7. I really love his MMLP2 style. Especially the Berzerk video

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  9. Vanity Fair shoot 2004
  10. Y'all gonna make him go back to his cave smh. Let the man live. Yes he's a corny insecure man. Deal with it or return your stan card.
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  12. made a new one
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  13. He is now ;)

    I went back and looked at some of his posts... he should've been banned way before now. In fact, Tempest tried to ban him, seems that the ban hammer wasn't working that day for some reason.
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