Album Best Posts in Thread: Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik III (OUT NOW)

  1. Anyhow, met Yelawolf yesterday. He looked pretty tired and was surprisingly softspoken. He didn’t say much and seemed like a quiet, introverted dude, in contrast to the personality in his music.

    He did seem pretty grateful that people were buying his whiskey and was kind to the fans that wanted silly pictures, signatures on their shirts, etc.

    He also didn’t smell like beer and cigarettes, like I thought he would. He smelled like a good quality men’s cologne.

  2. 5th studio album :damn:

  3. So according to Yela the music for TM3 is done and they’re just fine tuning and perfecting the mixing and shit.

    They’re planning on shooting more videos and added a new song to the album last week.

    Said that he’s dropping a freestyle every week until TM3 comes out (which surely means it won’t be too long).

    He also said the label are actually waiting on him for once and not the other way round which makes me think we’ll get TM3 pretty quickly once it’s 100% completed.

    Nice update.
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    Recording finished. Currently being mixed.

    Release date

    DJ Paul

    Confirmed features
    Machine Gun Kelly
    DJ Paul

    Confirmed songs
    Trunk Muzik Intro
    Catfish Billy 2
    Rowdy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
    Trailer Park Hollywood
    Box Chevy 6 (feat. DJ Paul & Rittz)

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  6. Fuck me, who stopped feeding Rittz!
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  7. Here we go again with the ‘Yelas pissed at Shady and Em’, ‘There’s something not right about the situation’, ‘He’s leaving Shady Records’ conspiracy theories.

    Someone give me one, just one piece of evidence to suggest this is the case.
    The whole thing’s just been blown way out of proportion over a rumour he’d left Shady during his breakdown last year.

    The simple fact is that Shady are fucking useless at promoting their artists unless their name is Eminem, and Yela is so laid back it just makes it look like there’s problems when there aren’t.
    I mean seriously, he tags Shady in everything music related on social media, comments and likes Shady related posts, gives Em shoutouts on tour and has never to my knowledge said anything bad about the label?

    I’m genuinely interested to know why so many think there’s bad blood here?
  8. I'm not arguing whether Shady suck or not, the label does suck.

    But look at Love Story, they didn't promote it heavily but they made some smart decisions.

    Best Friend video has over 100 million views, Till It's Gone close to 70 million.
    Till It's Gone was a success and it hit radios, not hiphop radios yeah but it did reach plenty of people which was the goal.
    even have friends who do not care for hiphop saying they listen to Yelawolf (specially Till It's Gone type of songs) because of his unique sound.

    I think his breakdown + Em's album kinda made them fail hard with both his and Em's album. It was a quick silent release, maybe Yelawolf got mad and it resulted in less promo so yeah I have no doubts that some shit went down during his breakdown.

    But don't blame it all on Shady. Shit happens, and Yelawolf was in a bad bad place at that time so just be thankful he's still alive and well and is still more active than most rappers.

    P.S. Most artists nowadays make money touring and selling merch. Yelawolf is doing well financially and he's opening businesses here and there so he understands how to make money and not depend on sales and shit. He's got a solid fanbase bruh!

  9. Back in the studio with my brother @wlpwr working on TM3 !!! .. this is the first day together in 4 years that we’ve shared a space to make music .. Love Story was our last project and we haven’t missed a beat .. sending this day up to @gripplyaz and @shawtyfatt excited to bring another Trunk Muzik album to the fans .. 3’s times a charm #trunkmuzik3 #tm3 #slumerican ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ @ounzezilla
  10. Trunk Muzik Forever
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  11. SlickNick trying to get Rafael to like a Yelawolf album? Did I slip into an alternate dimension?

    Given it two listens so far and, overall, I really like it. The thing that stands out to me immediately is how he's completely mastered two things - flow and melody. Even if he spent the entire album rapping about taking shits behind his trailer, it'd be musically enjoyable because he's simply incapable of singing a generic tune or rapping in an uninspired way imo. Like I Love You, Drugs, Trailer Park Hollywood (still the best track title of all time) and Over Here are perfect examples of tracks that just fire on all cylinders in this sense.

    That said, there's a few flaws with this project. Firstly, yeah I agree the feature tracks are absolutely dire. I haven't been physically bored with a Yela song since Heart Of Dixie, and even then I don't think I found myself falling into deep thought about my future and life so far due to complete apathy for the tracks. All of the feature verses here were incredibly generic, and even Yela's parts weren't quite up to his 2013 and onward standards. Like others have said, he becomes too influenced by them and it regresses him artistically. Yela works best either solo or with a (good) solo feature. It's especially devastating as one of them is in the otherwise incredible Box Chevy series :( I mean my favourite part of that track was the fucking car engine because it reminded me of the other Box Chevys, it's a shame.

    My other issue is the subject matter; almost every song on here is about things he's discussed already, and while the musicality still makes it a fun listen, the almost complete lack of interesting topics stops this from being a top of his discography contender for me. It's especially baffling because he has so much to talk about since TBF - his breakdowns, falling out with Bones, the fact that this is last album on Shady Records, Trial By Fire's commercial flop, hell even his business ventures or Love Story going gold, literally anything over what most of this had. Trial By Fire was so good in part because the storytelling and subject matter were so phenomenal, so to see them completely non existent here outside of a few tracks is disappointing.

    I hope I didn't go overboard here though because, by and large, I do really like this album. Yes the feature tracks fall flat and there's a few other minor issues, but overall the album is awesome and tracks like Like I Love You, Addiction, Over Here, Drugs, Trailer Park Hollywood, and TM3 are things I'm gonna be bumping for a while (Over Again too, very underrated track it seems).

    I think the reason some hardcore fans are disappointed is because this project is clearly designed to bring back some of the casuals, and based on reception outside of here it seems that's working. Trial By Fire didn't do so well commercially, so Yela doing this to make up for it is fair enough I'd say - and it's not like this is a Radioactive situation as these are still very distinctly Yela.

    So, it's not an instant classic for me but it is a nice project packed with good to incredible records. I'm especially looking forward to hearing this in the car as the Trunk Muziks always excel in that setting.
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  12. The wait is almost over.
    I will certainly miss all the questions, speculations, uncertainty, guessings and so on about this new record but I'm glad it's coming on two days.
    I will quietly and emotionnaly listen to it on a smooth and sunny beach in south Corsica.
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  13. Dates currently being announced for the TM3 tour in July.
    Tour promo posters a possible album cover too.
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  14. Searching for it in the Chevy ... returning to @wlpwr ’s 808 work is no easy task .. but no better place to catch the inspiration .. I write 95% of the time in the car outside the studio door or riding .. C’MON HIP HOP GODS !! .. smile down on my virtual pen and push dope shit onto this virtual piece of paper !! .. TM3 in the making #trunkmuzik3 #tm3 #slumerican⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ @ounzezilla

  15. Is this where we wait for TM3? Let me grab my chair.
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  16. I’ve checked this thread so much over the last year and a half. I’m proud of us. I really am. 5150 Slumafia

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  17. Bruh TM3 is gonna leak in like the next 24 hours, every post y’all be makin got me thinkin it finally leaked lol, makin my heart rate go all over the place
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  18. The best beat Yela never rapped on. TMR sessions.