Best Posts in Thread: A Letter From Noddy

  1. Hi Fam!

    I know, I know.

    You haven't heard much from me the last few months. Or more like the last year. Well, that was because I was basically more engaged in my life outside of HHS, which in my opinion, is not a reason to attack or scrutinize anybody. But the last year HHS hasn't really been a priority of mine. Not because I don't like it anymore or the people here, it's actually the contrary since I have shared and hopefully will continue to share great memories with all of you guys. It's just, that we you set your priorities straight, you realize what's really important in life and what's lesser important. The last few months I've successfully ventured in a new business field that has given me a lot of success in my "career". I've met a lot of great people, built friendships, partnerships and really started to understand the importance of time. That's why I had to make the decision to cool down on "hobbies" of mine and focus on things that get me forward in life and help me get closer to my goals. I truly believe I've changed a lot but I had to invest a lot of time into that change thus I've started to neglect things like HHS and not focus on it much anymore.

    Now, I believe that's not a bad thing. What my mistake was or still is, is the fact that I did not communicate enough with the people that I kind of "passed" business on. The transition that I should have prepared before my hiatus or absence or whatever you want to call it, was non existent or just without a thought put together. I should have contacted guys like Sajn, Los, Triz, Eaglenz and others more during the beginning of my departure but life got in between and like I said, I had to set my priorities straight. I had to focus on something else in my life but that should have not taken a toll on the site, the staff or the members itself

    - But it did, and for that I deeply apologize.

    I hope you guys can accept my apology since I know I messed up a lot of things given the fact that back in early 2017 when I was still very active, the site was at it's peak with most posts, threads and views to date. I should have never neglected the site the way I did, several times might I add, this time though, in the worst possible manner.

    Now, with all that said, does that mean I'm fully back? Yes and no!

    I've learned over the last few months to not promise things anymore that I can't back. And I've done that a lot. I can't promise that I won't be less active in a year from now. But I can promise you this - I will never "ignore" the forum, the staff and the members like I used to the last few months. I couldn't live with myself to again do that.

    I needed time to regroup and to most importantly find stability in every area of my life so I can dedicate time again to something I loved, love and will forever love. This community. I've seen people come, I've seen people go. I've made great friendships and lost a lot of friends. But see, that's life. And this forum is a part of my life, always was, always will be. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    So, what does my "return" mean for HHS now? Well, like I said, I won't promise any dates anymore, any changes and such. I don't want to bite myself in the ass again if I promise something by a date and don't deliver. But this is what I can tell you.

    We will have a complete overhaul of the site. That doesn't mean the "look" of the forum again. (I know, usually when I say change it's mostly the look so it looks nice that some of you forget the flaws lmao). No, I want to do a complete overhaul and rebrand. We already are having something that we are planning but it's still in the early ages and thus there is no timetable set. I'm gonna fully dedicate myself to that in the next few months so that we will finally have a site that we can all be 100% proud of.

    Until that, I will work close with the staff and all of you to ensure that the content gets way better than it is now. I want people to have the feeling again that they enjoy coming to this website. We will work on it and we are going to succeed.

    Until then,

    Best Regards

  2. alright lad way to rub salt in the wound
  3. Los isnt even staff lmao