Writing Best Posts in Thread: Happy New Years (Feat. viJilance)

  1. I don't know what to say about this lmao
  2. DoCtaGriLLz
    as i'm sitting on the toilet with my jeans lowered to my ankles,
    I think about @Guess who , while blowing caine through
    a straw, vomitting everything i ate before 4,
    Drawing dicks and writing "fuck cumrat" on the bathroom door,
    Behold the metaphorical king of aggrador
    slapping ya'll with extra morbid rude shit to sabotage,
    fapping off to sexy nude pics of Santa Claus,
    Blasting sauce on stretchable tits in granny bras,
    I love Kag, but I love @tkloveangel even better,
    whatever, i'll make you wetter grandma, knit me a sweater,
    feed me porridge, lick my anus, play with my wiener,
    stick a finger in my ass, while I jizz all over my stash
    of Elena pics, so I can reach my zenith, bitch,
    it makes my penis big when Nev rubs on her venus lips,
    I'm high as fuck, and i'm drunk, can't you tell by this song?
    now everybody sing along while I play with my schlong

    cuz its like that


    I got this New Years Eve flow, you got that jew hair weave 'fro
    And you too scared to breathe although, I'll still cheers your the piece you wrote
    Still spittin beer all over it, cuz my flow is sick,
    gonna need some Chloraseptic to relieve the way i infect this shit
    this the 2018 remix, 2019 finna be Fresher than my Two Chains
    Dangling off me like my testicles at the Olympic Games
    Cuz i'm a world class rap athlete, and the game is my track meet
    Youz a girl's ass clapped cheeks; bent over to compress my man meat
    Split your legs like bambi, cuz i'm more icy than the caveman Ötzi
    my bars are fucking damn sweet, and you will never have our Klan beat
    Tempest, Grillz, and whoever else wanna win
    Spin your fucking head back like a beyblade in the wind
    Get ready to join us, cuz they about to coin us:
    "2019 GOATS" you fucking jizz stained loin cloth :booker

  3. "A world class rap athlete " This has to be the nerdiest shit i ever saw in CW, congratz :booker:
  4. "it was a classic, it was dope, it was amazing, fresh, a masterpiece"

    that's what you want to say lel