Best Posts in Thread: Marshall From Detroit (Out Now)

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    On a winter’s night, musician Eminem and journalist Sway Calloway cruise around Detroit, Michigan, discussing Eminem’s creative process, the idea of a hometown, and music. In Marshall from Detroit, viewers ride along in the backseat, gleaning a new understanding of these famed cultural figures. This captivating 360-degree VR work is a lyrical and atmospheric study of place and how it can shape you.

    The documentary will be 21 minutes long. The festival starts on January 24 and finishes on February 3.


  2. 21 minute acapella freestyle? I'm down
  3. you expect sway to have the answers?
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  4. Same questions and answers as always, we know where you come from.... talk about the Journey
  5. That's pretty common with all film festivals...the purpose is to see what films get a good reaction and big distribution companies will decide what to pick up for a theatrical release
  6. I can just laugh at this point. :hesky: This shit has been happening forever
  7. Good start for Stans in 2019! :y: