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  1. You should always ask: Why am I doing this to myself?.
    Deep down you'll know your answer and you'll know what's better for you.

    I used to do ecstasy pills (MMDA), crystal meth, poppers and weed. And even keta from time to time.
    Only socially. At raves. Never alone. And of course it felt great.
    That's what they're supposed to do to you. We tend to find in drugs what we can get from outside of them.

    But after a year or so, I stopped. No middle ground. I simply stopped.
    And everytime I look back now, I always ask myself that very question: Why was I doing that to myself?.
    Never became dependant. Yet I always knew what I was doing wasn't right. And while it felt great at the time, and made me feel happy, deep inside I knew it was an empty happiness. Not real.

    So now I'm injecting myself with Heroin instead.