Best Posts in Thread: EMINEM: "People think they want this problem 'til they get it."

  1. Lord Jamar better get down on his knees and pray.

    I'm ready for him to drop something tomorrow.
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  2. Isn't this Friday the first anniversary of Kamikaze?
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  3. Imagine it's an acapella
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    Can't believe i got this excited over one simple sentence from him

    Imagine if we got a diss track

    I'd die
  5. Yup.

  6. I’m down for Em living the bitter old man, attack everyone who attacks him lifestyle till the end of the time. We all know he has a Kanye ‘im the goat’ personality secretly and not this humble, nice guy, recovery act before Kami came out. Bring it on
  7. Em's advertising/press department is among the worse I've ever seen for an entertainer. I'm not putting it all on them, as the songs he puts out aren't really catchy at all to the mainstream audience, but his press team absolutely do him no favors.

    They don't keep him relevant when he's not putting out music (I realize he doesn't do a lot after he's done with an album, but it's his PR's job to fill that void and keep people talking about him/noticing him)

    When he does drop a record, it seems he lasts in the mainstream buzz for a month (if that)

    His music videos are horrendously scheduled in conjunction to his album

    I could go on.
  8. T
    T O N I G H T
  9. Please, keep in mind:


    See, lately we were discussing his tragic relationships songs, maybe he is aware of it and "problem" refers to this.

    He's like: "Oh, so you think I can't do them whiny love songs anymore, huh? Wait and see, motherfuckers"
  10. RELAPSE 2
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  11. It’s promo for a new album.

    Kamikaze 2 this Friday :damn:
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    So all the info we have now is like this:

    Skylar IG post where she tagged Em (maybe unrelated?):

    Em Tweet:

    Followed by a re-tweet by FredWreck (Eminem producer):

    Illa joined the bandwagon on IG (he trolled us a lot, so take it with a grain of salt):

    Akademiks also posted about it on IG (most probably unrelated):

    FredWreck also clowned Jamar on his IG Story:


    Illa also posted this on his IG story:


    Jamar sent a jab to Em's tweet:

    Crooked posted on Twitter and apparently deleted his tweet? (I can't find it anymore):


    Bryson Tiller retweeted Em's tweet. Probably no connection whatsoever...



    Things might go into the Jamar Diss taking into account FredWreck's story and Crooked's deleted tweet because:
    - FredWreck posted explicitly about Jamar.
    - Crooked said brand new being which sounds like Brand Nubian, which is the group Jamar is/was part of.

    Context: Jamar talked trash about Em. Em answered on Kamikaze. He still talked trash. 50 tried to call him out. Conway tried to sort things out in his interview with him. But he still talked trash. Royce also tried. But he still talked trash.
    Also the tweet comes around the 1st anniversary of Kamikaze, so it's open to speculation.
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    Who else want it? Kells—attempt fails! Shelter—L's!
    Fuckin' nails in these coffins as soft as Cottonelle
  14. The plot thickens
  15. Faxx

    Emphasis on the 2
  16. :laughingo:

    He follows Em very closely for someone who dislikes him!
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  17. BME 2
    1. Hell (Lord Jamar diss)
    2. The Meeting
    3. Evil Plans
    4. Suicide Notes (ft. Hopsin)
    5. Treacherous
    6. Paul (Skit)
    7. Ultimate Power (ft. Kanye West & JAY-Z)
    8. Abyss (ft. Tech N9ne)
    9. Steve Berman (Skit)
    10. Relapse Again
    11. One Last Time
    12. Ken Kaniff (Skit)
  18. Maybe we'll get a diss track with Royce which will lead into BME2
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