Best Posts in Thread: Worst guest feature Eminem has ever chosen?

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  2. Definitely Skylar, who's had the biggest impact on Em's last 10 years of awful love songs and generic-pop-emo anthems, and overall way of creating music (picking beats with hooks on and just writing to that, not crafting the actual music itself). It can also be argued that she's the reason all these other pop-star collaborations exist.
  3. Skylar Grey
    She and Alex da Kid are responsible for most of the bad songs Em has put out since 2010. Their sound and production style influenced Em's music heavily.
  4. Em made huge hits with Rihanna and Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile, Skylar just fucked up his songs.
  5. Yeah but I don’t think that’s Alicia keys fault
  6. I actually do doubt it tbh, but I do think she is somewhat at fault for being the reason Em tries to do all these pop Collabs now

    In all seriousness tho, I can never have IG open in public with her on my TL because every weeks she just does these random

    Practically nude photos n shit, got so annoyed when I was just in a store, opened up IG and all of a sudden she’s just in a bath with only bubbles covering her up smh
  7. Why would Em hold her opinion so high? You think she was giving out that pussy?
  8. Alicia Keys. I will never forgive Em for not incorporating "revial interlude" (both vocals and the beat) into "Like Home". What a wasted opportunity, it could have been a hit. Actual chorus by Keys is bland and dull.
  9. He should ditch the dictionary shit and focus on errotica... Imagine an erotica album from Em with main focus points on Anal prolapse, felching and scat adventures. Obviously within a certain boundary, we can't have him making fart jokes anymore.

    "my penis withered as the tip went in,
    tongue tied but still bit her like T.I rapping"
  10. Has to be Bruno Mars.
    Kendrick is not a bad choice for a feature no matter what you think of the song
  11. He sang better than Em rapped.
  12. Bizarre on Amittyville

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  13. That's where we draw the line.
  14. He reads dictionaries.
    You can call it "google rhymes" in a way, cause he definitely reads the online versions. I doubt that he uses a pack of physical copies.
    That's how you expand your vocabulary, you read a lot. But I wish that he would read real books though.
  15. Em googles words that rhyme confirmed.

    I googled scintilla and the first example is "scintilla of doubt" lol