Best Posts in Thread: Does anyone consider Snoop Dogg to have any talent or even be a legend?

  1. This x100.
    The genre should have shutup shop after Eminems first 3 albums dropped.
    After that it was over. Nothings coming close.
    Never again will we see the musical heights of Ken Kaniff or Cum on Everybody. So why try?
    You could even make an argument for going a step further and actually removing all traces of any other rap albums released that weren't Em's first 3.
  2. The Chronic
    Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

    So yeah, legend imo.
  3. His flow, humor and personality more than make up for his lack of multis etc imo.
    Em could learn a lot from him lmao

    I do agree he never came close to topping Doggystyle tho
  4. You don’t like shit lol Or you don’t want your bullshit preferences picked apart by others. And you have responded, with a nothing tops Eminem type of post.

    Is that so? Well damn, what just happened then?

    I mean, you really believe there’s no other as great or better or significantly better albums besides Eminem’s first 3. That in itself is a pathetic mindset.
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  5. Saying Snoop has no talent and is not a Legend is just as ludicrous as Blus post.
  6. I've been bumping Doggystyle a lot lately, that album is so good.
  7. Of course, lol. Doggystyle is an amazing album and his flow/voice/delivery on it are so amazing that he didn't even have to drop anything else afterwards. IMO, it's easier to be good lyrically than to have a dope flow. Like, there are a lot of guys on fucking forums who have great schemes but sound horrendous. If you make a top list of best lyricists that list will be long as fuck, while a list for dope flows will be considerably shorter.
  8. doggystyle is one of the goat albums so yeah, legend.