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  1. I think the reason I'm impervious to things like depression & anxiety is because I'm not only happy, but impressed to be alive :booker

    I can literally jump into someone's backyard and take a shit on their lawn chair. You can't do that in any videogame. Real life is B L E S S E D
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    Man you sound like a drag to be around.

    Painting? Why not? Go to a local paint night, meet women and see if you like it. Try it once.
    Gardening? You don't care about the source of life? That's lame as fuck. Try going outside and lean against a tree, wait for the wind to pick up and tell me you don't feel some sort of connection to nature
    Fishing? I tried it once, it's kind of boring. Find someone who knows how to fish and show you the ropes, it's more enjoyable that way.
    Basketball? Try learning how to dunk, jump up to the rim 30 times and you're blood will be pumping like fuck
    Handball? This is literally the easiest sport to play
    Football? Learn how to throw and catch a football, it's fun
    Dodgeball? Low skill level required, even women play this shit, it's fun
    Soccer? Gets your stamina up
    Tennis? Really fun sport, go to your local tennis court to meet women
    Table Tennis? Low skill level required, go to a bar with table tennis, have a few drinks and enjoy the night
    Photography? You have a fucking camera on your phone, go out and take pictures around your area
    Gambling? learn how to do card tricks to pick up women
    Dancing? Women love this shit. This should be your #1 goal to obtain
    Boxing? Great workout, builds confidence, able to defend yourself
    Traveling? you're a fucking loser if you don't travel
    Skiing? I've never skiied
    Snowboarding? Fun as fuck
    Ice skating? I admittedly hate skating, but I won't not do it, women love this shit
    Skating? inline skating? good workout
    Paintball? shits a lot of fun
    Ceramics? women love this shit, old women, but still women
    Singing? learn how to sing you fucking loser
    Playing instruments? really hard to pick up when you're older, but charms the fuck out of women
    Swimming? i can't swim, doesn't mean I won't try to learn, I fucking hate it too but it's a great workout
    Gaming? waste of time anyways, no women is going to want to be with a person that just plays games all day
    Fencing? man this shit looks so fucking fun
    Horse riding? go suck a horse dick man I'm so tired of your shit by this point lmao
    Partying? why not? meet people, have a good time, make friends
    Shooting arrows? good skill to have in case the apocalypse comes
    Volunteering? great way to meet people
    Cooking? you have to know how to cook you retard how the fuck are you going to survive?

    Gymnastics, rock climbing, working out, running, bike riding, pet-sitting, DJing, shooting guns, taekwondo, muay thai, Brazilian ju jitsu, wrestling, arts & crafts, ice fishing, wine tasting, scheduling interviews for jobs you aren't qualified for, sewing, first aid, bartending, carpentry, auto mechanics, computer building, electrical work, plumbing, drywalling, vandalism, driving, audio engineering, comedy clubs, acting, stage lighting, interior design,

    bro i can keep going on until the end of time. There are so many options in reality, and no offence but posting on a forum ain't going to make life better :booker Stop being so difficult and just do shit for the fuck of doing it
  3. 23, everyday has been pretty much the same since I finished high school. Only difference is that I'm now bored of gaming too so I have no occupation and a hella lot of time to think. I kept reading articles online. Some people stuck in a rut even in their 50s. I don't feel like waiting that long. I want to take the step now, yet I see water infront of me. And I ain't no Moses or Em haha

    In regards to dating, I should really establish a proper life first so to say, before even doing that. Either way that comforts the heart and soul but still isn't a hobby yknow
  4. Not to make this all about me you can mention What you like doing and how you got to doing it.

    Other than that help mee :/

    Day comes.
    Night passes.
    And what have I done?
    I was in bed.
    I worked.
    I was on bed again.

    I long for a change that doesn't seem to ever come. As I've been asking myself this question few months ago, and before that too and before...

    I can't seem to get out of the loop.
    I don't feel alive and I don't have any interests.

    I listen to music.
    I write poems here and there.

    That's it.
    That shit doesn't make me alive, in fact its nearly as monotone as life can get.

    Painting? Nope, not active enough and don't want to "visualise" each and every object
    Gardening? I don't care about animals nor plants, and more importantly it's dirty and not active enough
    Fishing? Iew, you need a license and a canoe. Also not active enough and monotone.
    Basketball? Active enough but too active considering how low i want to keep my stamina. I don't want to bend and feel like I'm training all the time. To top it off they're all too serious so you have no space.
    Handball? The same as badketball
    Football? Don't care
    Dodgeball? Don't care
    Soccer? Don't care
    Tennis? Don't care
    Table Tennis? Care even less
    Photography? Not active enough and don't feel like chasing stuff around.
    Gambling? NO
    Dancing? Nope
    Boxing? Interesting but too much effort required and risky for every bodypart Especially the head
    Traveling? I hate traveling
    Skiing? Nope
    Snowboarding? Nope
    Ice skating? Nope
    Skating? Nope
    Paintball? Nope
    Ceramics? Not active enough
    Singing? Nope
    Playing instruments? Nope
    Swimming? Nope
    Gaming? Shit got me into this mess in the first place. Fuk u childhood joys.
    Fencing? Nah
    Horse riding? Nah
    Partying? Nah
    Shooting arrows? Very monotone
    Volunteering? Not such a nice person
    Cooking? Not active enough and i dont care about it

    Man what's left?
    I feel like I will rot my life away.
    I do nothing.
    I have nothing worthwhile to mention towards people who could potentially become friends.

    I want to turn my life into a certain direction but the course is not showing.
    I want to meet new people who would remember me and call me cause so far very very little people remember me and I barely hang out with them.
    I want to feel active.
    I want to feel alive