Best Posts in Thread: Fat Joe ft. Eminem and Mary J Blige - Lord Above (OUT)

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  2. This really is hilarious. I can just imagine Mary J. Blige singing beautifully over some nice chords, then Em comes in with his God awful flow rhyming a million words in one bar and fucking a unicorn or some shit. I'm worried about this one.
  3. This is how a track with Em and Alicia Keys should have sounded like
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    woaaa that's suprising! I hope it drops soon.

    Edit: Well, we're eating next week! YEEEEES!

    All I can say is that Em worked with more rappers this year and did no shitty pop features.
    Even that song with Ed Sheeren was something like from back in the day and Ed even had a rap vers on it.
    Closing this year with a Fat Joe feature might be the best he can do.
  5. Very nice beat and very good verse from Em. Had some cold punchlines but some heartfelt shit, too. Loved what he said about Pac and his mom. You know that meant a lot to him
  6. Ems flow after that pac line is dope af tbh
  7. Let's wait for it to be released before we start criticizing lol but yeah I hope he's not totally out of the place if so we have a problem. You can't keep on sending people random verses like that. That's lowkey direspectful.
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  8. Hell yeah i hope he raps like this more often, no supersonic flows or beat switches. I just want him to rap slow like this without the gimmicks. I'm so fucking tired of hearing him pretend to be angry.
  9. I don't think Eminem cares if anybody is interested or not in hearing him rapping about his old feuds.

    He wrote what was on his mind at the moment and that's it, there's nothing weird about it especially when Nick Cannon is the one who talked about him not a long time ago.

    As for Lord Jamar and Joe Budden; they won't reply on a track anyway, so there's actually no point.
    They don't need to get dissed to be able to shit on Eminem lol.

    Budden even had his chance with "Fall" and "Killshot" and did nothing but empty threats, saying how he would murder Eminem.

    He can be a cool podcast author or whatever, but he still has that personality of an angry bipolar teenager. I doubt he can come up with some serious shit.

    Tbh I believe he has no dirt on Eminem at all. A lot of people assumed that he's the one who can go really hard at Em, cause of their past business together, but looks like he has nothing to give to the public.
  10. Man his bars are Fire. That you Nick Eunuch lines was genius
  11. Awesome new flow, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship:
  12. Huh? Are you fuckin' serious?
    Alex Da Kid is so bad he shouldn't even be called a producer.

    Illa made The Ringer, Killshot, part of Normal, part of Lucky You and Good Guy.
    All great fuckin' beats!

    Illa is the definition of dopeness and Eminem raps so smoothly on his beats.
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  13. Haha! I'm laughing my ass off because of this

    "Our version of A gospel song.."
  14. I can't stand DJ Khaled, he always looks like an arrogant idiot. Get away from Slim Shady!
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  15. I can't wait to see how stupid you'll look for saying this. You're going to say it's bad even if it's really good
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  16. :wookie::wookie:Em shows some love for this masterpiece:

    "“And I promise you the day I fall off or lose it, I will stop and cut off the music” LORD ABOVE with my man @fatjoe, @dreday3000 & the great @therealmaryjblige from FAMILY TIES out now."

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  17. People were just celebrating Jayz's 50th birthday yesterday. You never hear complainnts about him being too old because he just has that OG/GOAT status.

    It's just for Em. Nick, Joe and the other clowns are just jealous. I'm sorry it's the truth and it's sad. They still see him going hard and being successful and they're mad. EM has 20 years of success and is still competing with the new generation when it comes to sales, streams and relevance. Yet they claim he's old, washed up and "irrelevant".
    It's no coincidence that all the people going at Em for his age are now irrelevant when it comes to rap. The ones who are successful don't do that.

    He's asking "should I respond?" he knows damn well he doesn't have the resources to respond. The last time he did people made fun of him because his ass can't rap and Em brought the receipts.
    They trash Em's music but they don't even have the ability to make a decent diss track. Em's still the biggest rapper on the planet and it's not enough for you to go to the studio and end him? lol.

    Em should just stop name dropping them tbh, he's just giving them extra publicity.
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  18. Ufffff I love this flow
  19. Love it!!!:wub: :fire::hundred: Made my day!