Best Posts in Thread: UPDATE Dec 10 - HDD: "Surperstar rapper dropping album on 12/20?"

  1. Y'all better apologize to Believe_In_Me !!

    HDD is right and maybe Em won't finish before Dec 20 but he's coming that's for sure.
  2. Fucking sweet if so. Can't wait for that surprise moment again.

    Apparently Paul Rosenberg said they wouldn't do (although that'd be a perfect thing to say ;-) a surprise album again, it was just right for Kamikaze; if he's sincere though, I don't see why not? A surprise album by definition is always a surprise lol, it's always the perfect strategy. If he ever comes out the blue with it... it'll be out the blue and cause a stir.

    And it's stupid for them not to. Kamikaze had, I'm sure, practically 0 marketing costs compared to Revival and probably made 10 x as much. As a marketing strategy - it's free and works better. Goat strategy.

    Can't wait for that feeling of 'WHAT, WHERE, LEME HEAR' if so.
  3. Mark Batson, Dr. Dre, Trevor Lawrence Jr produced almost all beats on Relapse.
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  4. There ain't no female superstar rappers lol
  5. The numbers are true and just so you know River went platinum in UK and is eligible for x2 platinum in the US
    Walk on Water went platinum in the US.

    River has almost 500 million streams on Spotify alone. It literally carried the album and was way more successful than any other song Kamikaze.

    Kamikaze as a whole is more successful for sure, it's 6 songs shorter (not counting the skits) and it has over 1.7 billion streams while Revival stands at about 1.1billion and seeing as about 50% of the streams came from River, Kamikaze's achievement is way bigger no doubt.
  6. I don't see the big deal about Andre. I like some Outkast songs, but that's it.
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  7. Inb4 ban for calling him retard
  8. Can someone ban this fucking retard I'm sick of him spamming this shit dude nobody gives a shit it's just speculation and rumors let the dude have his fun and if he's wrong or right so be it just shut the fuck up
  9. Let's not act like Nicki & Cardi B aren't huge names.
  10. Eminem’s manager was busy running a rival label and couldn’t be reached for comment.

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    Someone posted it on the forum ATRL but the link doesn't seem to be working take it with a grain of salt.

    Apparently this is what it said:

    HDD is known for knowing industry stuff. If they're talking about it then something must be coming...

    getting prepared for another fat L