Best Posts in Thread: Announcing new Shelter Gold Members

  1. EminemBase
  2. See guys? I post after a lot of months and Eminem releases an album.:im10:
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  3. He asked for money again the other day on s80 lol
  4. Nope, just a global mod. Getting MadMen to do something is like asking a Dog to cook u dinner, never gonna happen.

    Sorry noddy, but It's true.
  5. Shit used to be poppin I cant even lie
  6. It was like 10 times more active between 14 to late 16... a lot of people left.
  7. Holy shit, the talking eyeball is still alive :booker welcome back
  8. Thank you, comrade, but I refuse to have it, because having accolades on a half-dead hip-hop forum is something that can hurt my real life legacy and image. :booker

    Btw, what did The Box do to deserve this status? Lmfao