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  1. Didnt listen yet just scimmed through a few songs and some sound dope as hell some sound meh ..

    But here's a friendly advice to everyone by a guy who has been through 4 album cycles before on this site.

    Listen to the album several times before you trash and/or praise it.

    This shit some of yall are writing is embarrassing to say the least. Whether postive or negative.

    If you like it, cool. Good for you. If you dont cool too. Not everything needs to be for you. And I get it. We all love Em but sometimes its not for us.

    Instead of posting how trash an album is an hour after it dropping, maybe you should go and listen to other music because the only thing you are doing is losing nerves and giving me more money by posting more lmao..

    A lot of music dropped today. So if this new Em is not for you dont ruin it for people that enjoy it.
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  2. This also proves that Skylar is a talented artist and Alex da Shit was the real virus. She stops working with him and suddenly she has a 10/10 hook on an Eminem album.
  3. LOL no wonder Em hates his fans. Yall bitch about EVERYTHING.

    He's not doing the video fast enough :mad:

    The video doesn't look good :mad:

    This wasn't the video I wanted. :mad:

    He needs to do a video for another song. :mad:

    Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
  4. jesus...
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  5. "Some targets'll get the killshot,
    Some, I just barely nicked 'em"

    Great line. Nick Cannon ain't worth shit.
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    I'm surprised, the initial reaction here seemed negative so I went in not expecting much and I truly enjoyed it.

    Good for me, more songs to play!

    Edit: Holy shit Marsh really did it for me. Now that sounds like what I'd want modern Em to sound, musically.
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  7. This is album of the decade so far
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  8. I agree. That album could have been a classic if he swapped out some songs with some deluxe songs. Stuff like Don’t Front or Groundhog Day should have 100% been on the main tracklist.
  9. Me, listening to this album and enjoying every minute of it, without being bothered by sales, critics, comparisons...:goat2:

  10. Your posts start being so annoying to read, man.
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  11. It's strange that many Eminem fans are not giving "No Regrets" much love. That shit slapss hardddd af. I don't know what's up with yall. Even saw many hating on the hook and the song overall SMH. That's like one of my most bumped song on album till date.

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  12. These age memes are stupid as fuck. It's completely out of context... as with everything else on the internet. He's rapping from a little boy's perspective. His age here is completely irrelevant.
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    You Gon' Learn is crazy. The production is so good, flow is crazy. I love White Gold on the hook.
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    I'm going for the 7th listen now and it just keeps getting better.
    I cannot understand how some of you are even comparing this to the MMLP2. This is clearly an amazing album.
    Cohesive. Smooth. But with different flavors. Beats are amazing. The mixing (except in YAH YAH) is very good. The features are very good!.

    No Regrets is... superb. Gives me goosebumps.
    "And can't listen to Arose without crying...".
  15. Dude you just fucking begged and begged and begged for an album nobody else thought was going to happen, it’s 20 songs long and you want a fucking second album? Actual mental illness luv
  16. But I regret coming to this thread. Y'all are whining for no reason. I'm out.
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  17. Holy shit, the teaser is so dope. I'm so happy Em continues to put so much efforts into his music videos. His videography is one of the bests. You go Marsh.
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  18. Nah man, this is classic Shady Records. Berserk behind the scenes part 2 is still uploading.