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  1. Why do ya'll care about promo?

    The album is out and Em clearly doesnt care about numbers anymore. If he did he would be selling like MMLP2.

    The man is basically doing victory laps everytime he drops now so chill.

    It's not like artists that have been in the game for decades are doing crazy promo.
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  2. Lmao. These dudes trying to rag on Eminem at 47 years old for not selling like artists in their prime. What a joke.

    The major artists can only pray they do the numbers at 47 that Eminem is doing now.
  3. what i don't understand is why people are so focused/worried about sales. em has been set financially since TES in 2002. he's just running victory laps at this point.
  4. I don't understand why you guys just can't let it go. He's successful whether you like the music or not. Just shut the fuck up arguing about nothing.
  5. ‘Music To Be Murdered By' has now surpassed 700 million streams on Spotify.

    Godzilla" has now sold over 1.1 million units in the US.

    “Music To Be Murdered By" has now sold over 600,000 units in the US.

    WW: 70.000 equivalent sales this week / 1.050.000 totally
  6. So Em sold more in the first week than justin biber and people calls it a flop :DD
  7. You guys are forgetting that:
    1-The music industry as a whole is dead (sales wise), thanks to streaming and 24/7 availability, even if there's a SPS equivalency, it definitely doesn't make up the amount of albums that were sold physically or digitally back in the day.
    2-The man is 24 years + into his career, maybe 21+ as a mainstream artist, and he's still managing no.1 albums and 10s of millions of views on YouTube (just go check Snoop Dogg's sales after Doggystyle for example, Snoop was doing 2020 numbers since the early 2000s, while Em was going Diamond twice ffs!)
    3-The album is great but yeah casual fans won't find it much interesting as they only care about "a hot beat" and overall sound, only real fans will care about what Em was actually saying and his insane technique that he still manages to blow us away with

    In Conclusion:

    Yeah, Em is never dong a milli in his first week again, yes it's gonna take Eminem 5 weeks to go Gold SPS nowadays, but who the fuck cares anymore? Just enjoy the music, as we don't know which album will be his last.
  8. Whenever you feel bad about his sales, just think about how many albums *Trial by fire* sold and you'll feel better.
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  9. They're good... Em is 20 years into his career, wtf do people want from the man?
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  10. Malone is not a rapper. That is pop.

    Drake did more numbers with a double album (counted twice). So if you want to know the numbers, divide by 2.

    Also that fucking nobody got 500k in more than one week.

    Kendrick released an album some time ago, sales decline from year to year.

    Only Taylor Swift gets big numbers because she has obssessed fans (worse thab stans) and is loved by the media.

    Em is doing fine, it's not groundbreaking, but he's selling normal numbers.
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  11. lol, troll.

    There was no way he was ever going to keep up with his pace of sales.

    The numbers he is doing now is still better than 90% of artists, add to that he does these numbers four decades into the game and he is in rare air. He's a legend.
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  12. Eminem's "Music To Be Murdered By" is the 10th most streamed 2020 album on Spotify with 960 million plays.
  13. What the fuck is this post?

    First of all, it's offtopic.
    Second of all it makes no sense, it's like going to ask on a classical music forum why no one is talking about Lil Uzi.
    Third of all, corona is not in the state that jokes should be made.
  14. The oscar performance was def a good promo
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  15. Twelve songs from 'Music To Be Murdered By' debut on this week's Hot 100.

    3. Godzilla
    28. Darkness
    31. Those Kinda Nights
    36. Unaccommodating
    52. You Gon' Learn
    61. Leaving Heaven
    67. Premonition
    71. In Too Deep
    83. Marsh
    84. No Regrets
    89. Lock It Up
    93. Stepdad
  16. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), 1.76M
    The Eminem Show (2002), 1.3M
    Encore (2004), 710k
    Curtain Call: The Hits (2005), 441k
    Relapse (2009), 608k
    Recovery (2010), 741k
    The Marshall Mathers LP2 (2013), 792k
    Revival (2017), 267k
    Kamikaze (2018), 434k
    Music To Be Murderd By (2020), 275k

    Considering what kamikaze did, with Better promotion this album could have done more than 400+ 500+
  17. You bumbling imbecile, he's 20 years into his career. It would be retarded to actually believe that he can do massive numbers like that.

    Oh dan...
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