Best Posts in Thread: No Regrets is phony, weak and overrated

  1. Because everyone on this planet is unique and has their own opinions lol
  2. I love the relaxed delivery on this cut. Feels comfortable in this tone. Lately with this subject matter he's angry as hell or completely somber on the verge of tears, refreshing to hear the middle ground.
  3. Lmao high spirits as per

    You do make me laugh Box. At least you're consistent.
  4. It just sounds good to me

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    Look mate, in all honesty... I respect your opinion. Not.
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  6. Maybe because It's a good song???

    GaroGaro What you saying about Revival, and Kamikaze? Any good or nah
  7. Hook is a banger. Lyrics are decent. Flow and delivery are good to listen to.

    One of the better songs on the album.

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  8. In all truth they never shoulda gave Em a mainstream record deal, It's like letting BBQTentacion loose with a Schoolbus, bad things are going to happen.
  9. OP doesn’t cry when listening to Arose
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  10. No Regrets is amazing.

    Close this thread already please.
  11. song is hard, whoever don't think its one of the better songs on the album is a certified weirdo
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  12. Yeah, I thought the same. The song is called 'No Regrets' yet he's expressing regret for calling Tyler the Creator a faggot. It just doesn't make sense.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with apologizing for something. First of all, Eminem is a human being, not an insensitive machine.
    And those lines from Criminal are just evil sarcasm, he never was a homophobic, come on bruh
  14. The man apologized for saying faggot. He regrets it. This is the same guy who wrote "My words will stab you in the head whether you're a fag or les...Hate fags? the answer's yes." This is indefensible and you're overlooking it.
  15. I found Revival to be overall pretty bad enjoyed Castle and Believe. Kamikaze was better but not by a land mile.
  16. Also, everything about the song sucks.