Album Best Posts in Thread: The Eminem Show (Redone)

  1. this is bad
  2. Oh no, you’re about to get yelled at again.
  3. That's one of the craziest things I've read today
  4. you have a bunch of songs from the devils night era which has a distinctly different sound from the eminem show, but they're all eminem only so the tracks are only 1:30 so this doesnt flow as an album for shit, you've also edited out any other features that you can because youre clearly terrified of black people, and you've taken out some of the most iconic and best songs like business and without me which take away from the character of the album, while adding in songs like girls which don't belong at all

    and some of the edits are shit like fight music and shit can happen, if you have to put a minute of instrumental at the start of fight music maybe thats a sign that this just doesn't work...
  5. The Eminem Show is best album of all time
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