Best Posts in Thread: Game of Thrones (Spoilers) [S8 April 14th]

  1. I'm the 3 eyed raven

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  3. Omg i forgot that I'm finally allowed in this thread


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  4. Honestly?

    I just didn't like the background of it all, I didn't like that he's protected no matter what he does.
    He was sinister, he was the worst and he's got some classic lines, I love the character don't get me wrong.

    But, for Ramsay to be a bastard and have no immunity to what might happen to him made me appreciate the fact that he actually means what he says. Imagine if Joffrey had no immunity, would he have the balls to call the hound a "dog"?
    A little girl almost ended his life for fucks sake lol
    He covers up his weakness with being all evil because he knows he can do whatever he pleases.

    I like the complexity of his character, but I enjoyed Ramsay more.

    Ramsay wasn't a typical villain, he did the unexpected and he had no problem going the extra mile to get what he wants the way he wants.
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  5. Joffery was a spoiled brat who was put in a position of power with some light psychopathy sprinkled in

    What's complex about him?
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  6. Constipation?
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  7. It's insane how much they nailed the feel of that battle. Like, they made me legit terrified of dragons for a few minutes as if there's a possibility of one coming down from the sky and raining fire down on me in real life.
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    Gotta make up for the lack of memes in this thread
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  9. Just finished the Last ep. The show has entered goat status for me. i'ts so grand in it's scope and depth with loads of great characters. It was about fucking time the Theon/Reek manned up and broke out of his fear. Whether John is dead or not is still open to speculation for me. If the show continues to be great in the next season then it may move to my top spot
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