Best Posts in Thread: im guvking hapy shoutoaut [best SHotuout on the online computer]

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    @CanadaPure - You Were Allways There 4 Me IN Hard Times. Woudl Be Proud 2 Epxress Dialogue Back &/Or Forht On The COmpuer.
    @mdemaz - Thaks. Was Awlays Pleasere Tlaking 2 U. =)
    @Notalius - IF Not 4 U, Website Wood Not Evean Exist. Wow Ur Cool And Also Pleaese PM Me Yuour Address So I Can Do Perasaonal Thanks
    @Pain - Dont Express Angusih, Alwyas Be Proud O' U'Self! =) No Pain No Sad =) ALL Happy All The Time.
    @Eedee - Thanzk. Ur MUisc Is Mkaing Life Brettere All Arounad the Globe On COmputer CScreen EVARywarer. Very Much AtHANZK On Tah COmpauter!
    @Castle - Whanst Better Than The Cassstle Man HimSLef WellYeah. I Enjoy Ur Facwe NAnd Yeah Just Allaround Ur COOL Guy. I Listenn 2 Ur Music On The Homm Each Day
    @Eminem - WOW!!! U Birng Music Of Happy!! Make Nickals Happt (Im Nickaly). If U Evar Wiant 2 Colab Hit MEa uP On The Computer (OR LIKE YOU SAID ONA SNGO SO FAR CANT UASE COMAOPUTR)
    @Mel - Yeah Ur QUite COol qUITR Funny Yeabh ALso I Like Large SOFT DRinks. Thats It I Dont Know WHo U R
    @Basedshady - Hhaha! The BashedMan Himself! Are U Frosty 4 THe Convo? Coem And See @ LA Light Laser Show ;D
    @viJilance - Lance Justin VIJialcne Is FUnyn He Always Posst Pictures Of Porn mAKES ME LAUGH XD
    @SlickNick - XD Are U Guvking Hapy? I AM!!!!
    @Apex8250 - Dont PLay With DA Big Dogz! Thats My Motto. ALso Ur Funny Make Me Laugh
    @Atone - UAja U alWYAS Have HOT GIRLS IN The Avatarr (I Watch TV ALl THe Time!) Makez Me Feel Nota So OALone One Thwe COmpuitrer
    @Miller - Thanks 4 Baning Bad Haer Men ONline. Gposd Blessa AMiernca
    @just silver - Hurts WQrintgin COmputlacated MY HAERAT GOES 2 U =) =D PM ME AT COMPUTERR



    ed0ti - @6PRDMD9 @PERDMD92 [email protected] @@@@@@@@ -= HELP