Best Posts in Thread: final message/shoutout, r.i.p. python

  1. yeah i decided to take off about a week ago because i simply became bored of posting here, but i may as well leave my final thoughts on recent developments, as i want no misinterpretations. i feel you all are exaggerating how hard this site is failing. i know shit's been rocky since the beginning, considering this forum is just starting out. you have to remember, it took TRshady 5 years to generate an active community that wasn't full of 13/14 year old shitposters. i doubt it'll take that long for this site, you have to know that these things don't just happen overnight. this site hasn't even been around for a year. it may be sort of inactive now (even though its doing surprisingly well for something that's only been around since november of last year), but wait another few months for more people to hear about it, they'll come. things will pick up, i know from over 10 years of experience with forums like this. i know i've made plenty of jokes at the expense of this site, but i've always supported noddy and the site since before it even came into existence. i'm sorry i spent most of my time both on here and TR trolling the users, but i don't think i ever actually offended anybody. despite how many people here i've insulted, i have no actual issue with anyone here, everyone on here is cool in my book. in fact, without TR/HHS i wouldn't have been able to meet some really cool and funny people. if i've insulted you on here or on TR, don't take it personally, it was all in good fun. consider this my shoutout to Notalius, both him and his site in general.

    Eedee - you're an incredibly talented and all around charismatic person. without you i wouldn't have recognized how much i love producing beats, even though i personally don't feel i'm as great as you make me out to be, i'm always happy to do shit for you. i feel not enough people recognize how interesting and knowledgeable you really are. i know you've got a lot of shit over the years too for your music being 2sad, and i'm glad you chose to improve yourself rather than dismiss the advice people gave you. if you put forth the effort you can do great things. working on harvest was extremely fun and a brilliant experience for me. cheers, good cheers.

    mdemaz - where to even begin with you. out of all the years i've been fucking around online, you've been the most genuinely nice, funny, and talented person i've come to meet in my travels. it's been quite a ride i've had with you man, despite only knowing you as a friend for a little over a year. i know you've got some issues in your personal life, and i hope i've at least helped a bit in taking the pressures of real life off you. those sad is bad albums, while stupid and not really funny, i had fun making them and getting to joke around with you. the first one was what helped us become actual friends in the first place, and it was extremely worth it. i hope you do okay here in california, i'll always be here to support you.

    Snakebeast - you were the first person i ever had added on skype for about a month, so for that month i really got a good chance to get to know you. i know i was like, a major troll back then, but i came to realize that you were simply a funny dude with good taste in music, we weren't that different. it's been a wild ride, since i've been working on music with you for longer than anyone else. i remember when you couldn't record music because you didn't have a mic so you were doing all these insane written verses. i hope you still have those somewhere, those were pure gold. i've given you a lot of shit over the past (almost) 2 years, but throughout all of that i was always cool with you. i'm sorry i trolled you a bit in the beginning, i know because of that it took a while to actually get to know me lol, but i think it was funny. i hope now that you can record, you can create something insane.

    CanadaPure - i've been by your side since the beginning. i had lots of fun working on that one album with you (the name currently escapes me), producing for you was one of the best recent memories i've had. as i've said many times, you're not simply a funny rapper on the internet, you have some genuine talent that i feel you've yet to recognize. even though i know you have a somewhat hectic life, i'd still like to hear you rap more in the future. i know i could be a real pain in the ass sometimes with you, but i hope we're still cool despite all that. if you ever happen to want to chat sometime, you know where to find me.

    6PRDMD9 - chatting with you has come to be the most stand-out thing that has happened on this forum. originally i dismissed you as a strange kuniva stan, but getting to know you, you've not only got some wild taste in music, you're an insane writer. i've read the concepts for songs/albums you've sent me, you're ridiculously calculated and i like how you think far ahead. not only that, but we share a lot of the same opinions. i've spent hours just discussing stupid shit with you that turned out to be some of the most meaningful online discussions i've had. i hope one day you get skype so we can talk again sometime, but if not, thank you for some very memorable moments. i hope one day you can get that mic, i hope i can come back someday to see that you've actually posted music

    Jaba - i have no idea what your current name is, you change it so much, so i hope i'm getting this right. i've had a love/hate relationship with you, and i've made a countless number of jokes at your expense. however, i soon came to realize that you were a funny dude to chat with and there was nothing really wrong with you that wasn't wrong with all of us as teenagers. you've improved a ton in the year i've knew you, keep working at your craft, you'll master it someday. also keep working on your production, you're strangely talented at it. i have you added in that skype group, so i'll always be up to date lol.

    Changeling - i heard you left. but if you ever log in again, i'm just shouting you out to tell you that even though i've had like, a few words with you, i find you to be one of the better and funnier posters on this site, and one of the only good members in the eminem section. i've been supporting you since TRshady days, especially when you caught a lot of shit over not liking relapse or whatever, that was funny. but if you don't check in again, then oh well, i'm sure i'll run into you again somewhere along the line. take care.

    Asho2345 - i haven't known you for long, but you've got some talent, and thankfully, a very distinct voice (thanks to you being australian, of course). working with you on the HHS album was incredibly fun, i feel i wasted no time while helping you out with it. i'm glad we actually managed to get the album finished this time. you weren't around for what happened last time, but trust me, the TR album was too garbage to put out. keep rapping, i feel you haven't fully tapped into that potential you have yet. for a 14 year old (i think that's how old you are? please correct me if i'm wrong), you're ridiculously talented, and you can only get better from here.

    Basedshady - i know you're never gonna read this, unless you suddenly have a change of heart, which considering you haven't logged in in almost a year, i see that as unlikely. but, you're a nice guy with some really good opinions on both music and politics. i'm sorry for trying to troll you in the beginning with that stupid drug addict act, i hope one day we can chat again. you know where i'm at. take care in college

    Noir aka ROM - you don't seem to rap much anymore, and only recently have we started talking again, but you're a brilliant rapper and poster (i'm going by both HHS and TR here because you don't post much on here). i know you've been rapping from a ridiculously young age, so you reached incredible heights despite being only 15. i hope one day we can work together on something again, the TR album was a ridiculously wrong foot to start off on.

    Atone - you're a troll, you can be strange, you can say some strange shit, but all in all, i love you dude. for a while i didn't get you and i thought you genuinely hated me. after adding you on skype, you proved quite the opposite. you're a funny, charasmatic guy who, despite overly trolling, can always guarantee an interesting discussion with. it took me a bit to get you completely, but i think i understand you now (you've baited me into quite a few arguments with that shit lmaoo). i didn't like your music at first, but i feel that since you've been working on fixing your flow, mixing, and production, i've come to recognize that you're actually a decent lyricist. i hope one day you put out something great.

    viJilance - i think you're still banned, but you get banned all the time so you'll probably see this as soon as you come back. you can be extremely 2edgy4u at times but i've come to accept it, i feel you browse 4chan too much for your own good, but then again, so do i. i like how you're not afraid to tell people what you really think about shit, no matter how harshly they might feel about it (your thoughts on kendrick lamar come to mind). i've known you since day one, back when i was trolling TRshady and you were relentlessly mocking idiots on there. i even stuck by you throughout your ban, that TR diss song, and all the alt accounts that followed. i thank you for all the laughs, keep on doing what you're doing

    i know this is tl;dr, but i felt after all of this trolling and persona shit, i owed you one serious message.

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