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    Here's a new years eve selfie lel
    Just so you have an idea of what I look like :D
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  3. upload_2017-4-24_16-35-54.png

    Randomly found him walking the streets yesterday before his show, nigga skipped his opener and so did we :booker

    Tupac shirt returns
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  4. Baby needs a diaper change. :devil:
  5. I know I'll regret this lol
    @Raul told me to upload this one
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  6. i want you to be my mommy :triz:
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  7. Oh dear :facepalm:
    Edit: Well, I asked for it, didn't I? Kek
  8. [​IMG]

    Got a haircut and trimmed the beard. I'm happy with how it looks but I can never replicate what my hairdresser does and tomorrow it'll look different again. haha
  9. Triz
    Bliggy Smalls
    (And anyone else who I'm forgetting that might be curious as to what I look like)

    The wait is finally over.

  10. viJilance, lmao
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    Here's my new generic hairstyle, rip
  13. Went to a fancy dress party as Marty McFly lel, couldn't get the right colour under shirt but for a fun night I felt the outfit was good:

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    I am Russian now.