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  1. My new theory is the album title called is Silence and the promo is happening right now, over a year of strong promotion.
  2. "Until It All Falls Down" would be a killer album title.
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  3. *Doing the bills*
    Me: damn I've got a hilariously low bank balance
    Me: God damn it Em
  4. I'm Mr. Porter and I have an exclusive. But before I leak it you need to get that Recovery album! :rock:
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    Imagine arguing about how many days there are in a week
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  6. You guys are nuts, the Evil Twin beat is really good
  7. Dre didn't even handle the bulk of the production on his own album.
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    I venture to say that Eminem just made a subtle announcement about working on a new album on his phone call to Redman on Shade 45.

    - He mentions that he's "doing the same thing Redman is doing", Redman is working on an album.
    - He confirms that D12 is not working on a new album, they are each working on SOLO music.
    - Royce is currently working on PRhyme 2, so I doubt it is a Bad Meets Evil Project.
    - I also doubt it is another compilation album like XV or Southpaw.
    - Kuniva mentioned Eminem tried to get on their mixtape, but he couldn't... they said they could've waited for him. Perhaps he is in full album mode?

    Speculate below.... this is certainly interesting.


    MOD EDIT -

    Album is confirmed.

    MOD EDIT 2 -

    In the course of three successive weeks, UMG is expected to unleash three superstar releases: Sam Smith (11/3) on Steve Barnett's Capitol, Big Machine's Taylor Swift (11/10) and, if the very loud chatter is to be believed, Shady/Aftermath/Interscope's Eminem (11/17).
  9. An album :reeeeeeee:
  10. What I personally dont want on his next LP

    - Rock beats
    - Alex Da Kid production
    - shitty mixing
    - a Rihanna Feature
  11. I thought this tweet was funny, Lol

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  12. Em became the most trending (most trended?) thing on twitter when Ebro's bullshit "Em-Drake" beef was circulating. Drake didn't trend at all.

    Em may not be active, but he is definitely relevant whenever he decides to be.
  13. Just exactly who is Eminem though? Every era has ushered in a new style.
    Makes me extremely curious about the direction and style that we'll see on the new album. The content he spat on the MMLP like Rap God was the kind of material that one would end their career with. Just how do fuck do you evolve from that?

    His transition from Recovery to MMLP 2 was nerve racking because after the announcement of the title, I didn't think he was capable of pulling it off based on his Recovery "cheesy" persona. But I had fell into the trap of thinking I knew him and his capabitilities. Whoops. This time round I'm more than confident that the new album could possibly be his best to date. Hyped
  14. he will introduce his new alter ego: Yelinem
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  15. Man, this forum is a mess.
    I keep checking here for nothing, I need to find some kind of hobby for a few months.
  16. :srs:

    Compton had amazing production
  17. Please Marshall, please, make Trapinem happen. Medicine Man, Raw and others have been absolutely goat.
  18. HDD from today (Once again)

    ''The top priority of incoming Def Jam head Paul Rosenberg has been 
Eminem’s next album, which drops 11/17, a week after Taylor Swift’s reputation.''

  19. Stans "What's taking so long just release the fucking album"

    Eminem "What else rhymes with orange... Warren, borin, hoardin, foreign, ignorin, Important, soarin, dawson... My god my brain is awesome, what else brain?"

    Eminems brain "pouring captain Morgan into a four inch glass in the morning watching tv and its boring switch to sports and bet on a score and end up mourning my losses but it was important to support the dolphins"

    Eminem "damn, let me just grab a redbull real quick... I drink red bull, its edible, hey look theres an egg or two, next to the bread and juice, underneath that is a set of food, but best of all is a testicle I got imported from a sexual frustrated man from mexico"

    Paul Rosenburg "Hey Em its Paul, how's the album coming on you done yet you slow fuck?"

    Eminem - Shit...
  20. I don't get the outrage at the possible trap direction.

    It's not like he's simplifying his lyricism or ideas, like a lot of trap rappers, so what's the problem? It's just a style of music behind his voice, and from what I hear... the style of music seems to be moody, atmospheric and trance-like. Which, is exactly the kind of thing I want to hear Eminem rapping over, and it adds a lot of backbone to his weird words, which is why the average listener spazzed out so much over No Favours.

    I'd much rather that than more corny-ass rap-rock; overly polished commercial rap-rock beats and shit which is played at the intro of Wrestling Matches. He needs to make some grimey music which feels like something unique again, not just keep notching up new sports anthems.