Writing "Run Shit" - Josh27 vs YoungSM - (JOSH27 WINS)

Discussion in 'Creative' started by YoungSM, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. VOTING ENDS AT MIDNIGHT GMT ........ .. .... ... ....... ... .. ..... ... .. ..... ..... .. ..... .. .... .... .... ... .......... .. ...............
    ......... .......
    ....... .......
    Your style is picking a word that's easy to rhyme and bleeding it dry, but you get it awfully wrong cuz
    When you stitch together half arsed wordplay you're causing a monster
    It's all in the posture, cuz you bend over backwards to make the scheme work and it's cool that's it's stronger
    But when it's all just as constant it fools them to wanting more and for longer
    So it starts sick but you change that and make it all fucking softer
    Bleeding it dry and then stitching it to fix the sickness? I guess that's cuz it's a style you stole from a Doctor
    You bit DoC's style, but now it's crunchtime in fact
    You're from Wales - I don't even need a punchline for that
    Scared to reveal what you look like? Always a hider?
    You're the sort of a guy to walk in the cypher sporting some type of
    Morph mask of Lycra avoiding the guys and recalling his rhymes as
    He awkwardly tries not to talk or enlighten the boys on his life cuz
    As his insecurities widen it's dawning his life has been falling, he'd like
    To resort to a type of a thought - suicide has been calling him tryna
    Implore him to find him a sword or a knife for a walk in the night and
    A force in his side that would sorta remind him of all of the times that
    In school he had cried cuz the boys weren't as nice and had caused him to lie on
    The floor and just cry, now the poor cunt has died, well
    Guess he shouldn't have fucking tried to walk in the final
    Think I ran out of bars and now I'm tryna come with jokes, eh?
    Nah, the burner will break him, if he tries to run? Won't go great
    Fuck all that - I'll light him up and smoke J
    Burning his paper, even though the lighter broke it's okay
    Burning his paper, easy life with money, so it's like it grows on oak mate
    Burning his paper cuz when he writes its fucking so lame
    I struggled for personals cuz no info was found for this lil girl
    No one knows shit about you cuz no one cares about you in this world
    You can have bars as sick as you want but you're not recording your raps
    Where's the audio at? You're just stalling my man
    If you've got all this skill, why are you still having to clash me
    With the talent you have you should battle on actual rap leagues
    I'm being serious you should be smashing it happily
    So what situation have you been placed in that makes you
    React just this badly to the cameras and claps g?
    Is it that this little man is an anxious and fat geek?
    Perhaps he'd just get laughed at, bodybagged by his bad teeth
    So he's scared to walk on stage cuz he'd handle it badly
    And if he chats shit about me being the host so I could fix it so it's me that would win?
    He can fuck off, if it wasn't for me this competition wouldn't even exist
    Plus if I lose then it's on, and he's stupid for one
    Cuz even if he does win now, it doesn't count cuz it proves that he's wrong
    Don't even try bothering, there's no use to send me your stupid entry
    In words? The shit you write is boring, and your rhymes are so overused it's dense g
    In numbers? Well to say the least you're not exactly doing plenty, your views are empty
    And I've got more fucking talent at fifteen than you do at twenty
    People like you get jealous in this game, they go mad when you're flowing better, you already know Josh can see the honesty
    I always ride Mobb Deep, me and Havoc go together, so even if I die it's only cuz they'll prod a g who's a Prodigy
    My age is a blessing, don't make it a weapon - I'm only 15 so you see I got GCSEs
    Only just started Year 11, so merely stepping or speaking to me
    In the type of way that might portray a fight today isn't feared or impressive so leave it my g
    Surely if I'm so young it's not really relevant beating on me? The clear expectancy's me being beat
    Winning this will only further my name and I'll get bigger fast and
    That's how I'll get rich off this Virgin like Richard Branson
    When you tweet at their DMs girls fly away, being an egg is never getting you laid
    Chicks don't flock to you bro, cuz a bird has never ever blew J(blue jay)
    This lonely fucker has never spoken, hugged or
    Cozied up against a woman, only girl who
    Ever shows him loving is his boney mother
    You're the one bites people but I'm the one they're calling the darg
    Now that I've been let off the leash his gameplan's falling apart
    Cuz I'm top dog, bitch, and this has been a walk in the park
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