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    Heres a list of all ........... ... ... .......... .... .. ... .. .... .......

    Backstage - Backstage
    (Used for Backstage content like interviews between members and stuff like that)

    Classics - Classics
    (Used for tagging members who vote for which thread should be a Classic thread)

    Forum Games - Games
    (Used for all kinds of forum games)

    Football (Soccer) - FootballFam
    (Used for football news and discussions)

    Listening Parties - Listening Party
    (Used for tagging the people in a listening party for either notifying of one starting, or suggesting an album)

    Movies - Movies
    (Used for starting discussion about movies or notifying members of new movies)

    The Label Game - The Label Game
    (Used for the Label Games)

    The Studio - The Studio
    (Used when you make a new song or beat in the studio)

    Writing - Writing
    (Used when you write a song or verse in Writing)

    WWE - WWEFam
    (Used for updates on WWE)


    Donor - Donor
    (To be put in here you need to donate)

    Newsposter - Newsposter
    (Our members who help us with posting news and featuring it)

    Registered - Registered
    (Only staff are supposed to use this. If a non-staff uses it, it will result in a warning)

    Shelter Gold - Shelter GOLD
    (Our members that have earned Gold status)

    Staff: (use this if you need help)

    Moderating - Moderating
    Administrator - Admin
    Owner - Owner


    How to join usergroups

    Hover over your avatar in the top right corner and click "Join User Groups".

    If theres any bugs with the usergroups or any new ones youd like to be added, let us know.
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